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Here you can find our news and result. To look one dog's results, go to that dog's own page.


 22 & 23.11.2014 - Pet Pursuit Dream a Little showing herself at Denmark!

22.11.2014 - Billund, Denmark:

Pet Pursuit Dream a Little "Lulu" - BEST PUPPY IN BREED!

"Excellent size & proportions. Lovely chest. Well shaped head. Prime bite.
Well angulated rear & front. Very good depht (volume) of the body and lenght.
Promising coat. Excellent movements."

- Cindy Pettersson, Sweden


23.11.2014 - Billund, Denmark:

Pet Pursuit Dream a Little "Lulu" - BEST FEMALE PUPPY, BOS-PUPPY!

Huge thanks and congratulations to Mathieu & little Corneil! So proud of you!

 15 & 16.11.2014 - Pet Pursuit Deep Impact: 2 x BOB-puppy at Belgium!

15.11.2014 - Kortrijk, Belgium, European Top Terrier show:

Pet Pursuit Deep Impact "Corneil" - BEST PUPPY IN BREED!

Judge: Nemanja Jovanovic, Serbia


16.11.2014 - Kortrjik, Belgium - European Show, terriers:

Pet Pursuit Deep Impact "Corneil" - yet another BEST PUPPY IN BREED under the judge Rui Oliveira, PT

Huge thanks and congratulations to Mathieu & little Corneil! So proud of you!

 8 & 9.11.2014 - doubleshow at Poland!
WOW, team Poland just keep on going strong!!

C-litter's young girl "Piko", Pet Pursuit Caramel Touch, was shown first time out of junior class,
and the results were very pleasing, not even talking about the smashing critic!

8.11.2014 at Club Speciality she went BEST FEMALE, BOS, CAC!
"Stunning, elegant with beautiful breed expresion, stunning head with ideal proportions. Ideal seated and built ears. Eyes with the shines of terrier's character and intelligence. Beautiful muzzle. Soft lips. Perfect neck.
Beautiful topline. Body idealy balanced. Very nice muscles. Wide enough front. Beautiful movement"

- Viva-Maria Soleckyj-Spunar, Poland

9.11.2014 she really put up her best and went BEST FEMALE, CAC, first CACIB and BEST OF BREED!
CACIB came from first possible show under the judge Luis Pinto Teixeira, Portugal.

Big big hugs and thanks to our Polish team and also congratulations to all other results you achieved on the weekend! You rock!

 31.10 & 2.11.2014 - Sweden & Denmark conquered: 2 x BOB!
Here we go again...

Our B-litter's sweet girl "Susu", Pet Pursuit Butterfly Effect was shown at two shows on the weekend:

31.8.2014 @ Växjö INT, Sweden: - EXC/1, CQ, BF1, CAC, CACIB, BEST OF BREED!

02.11.2014 @ Herning INT, Denmark - EXC/1, CQ, BF1, CAC, CACIB, BEST OF BREED & DANISH WINNER 2014!

I have no words... Huge thanks to Dennis for showing up Susu and keeping her in such a great condition.
This breeder is speechless.

 19.10.2014 - Poland & Poznan Winner - Junior Winner!
Some smashing news again from Poland - this team just keeps me holding my breath...

Pet Pursuit Caramel Touch "Piko"- JBOB, POLAND JUNIOR WINNER-14!

Huge thanks and congratulations to team Poland, Ola & Dorota & little Piko!! So proud of you!!

 21.09.2014 - First D-litter's puppy at the showground!
French national speciality "Montigny en Gohelle", France, our D-litter's smaller boy,
Pet Pursuit Deep Impact "Corneil" - VP/1, BOB-baby at his very first show!

"5 months. Correct type. Typical head. Right temperament. Well set ears and tail.
Well sized and proportioned. Quality coat. Lively movement. Well presented."
- Goran Gladic (Serbia)

Big big congratulations to Mathieu and little Corneil, such a lovely start for his career!

 13 & 14.09.2014 - Super shownews from Germany & Sweden!
This weekend was kinda great in all ways. Received amazingly great news from our bred sikies.

First of all, on saturday, 13.9, our C-litter's girl Pet Pursuit Caramel Touch "Piko" went to Rostock show with her owners Ola & Dorota Cepowska. They did so well and Piko ended up JBOB, JCAC, BEST FEMALE & BOS! 
Not forget to mention that she closed her GERMAN (VDH) JUNIOR CHAMPION!


News were not there at all - at Eslöv, Sweden INT show our youngster from B-litter, Pet Pursuit Butterfly Effect "Susu" hit the jackpot in very strict competition by winning BEST OF BREED & CAC & CACIB at her second international show out of 10 silkies!

"Smart feminine bitch of lovely size. Correct lenght of body. Nice feminine expression. Good earset. Lovely neck into shoulder.
Good ribcage. Good topline. Excellent coat color & texture. Good strong mover with lovely profile."
- Silkies were judged by Steven Seymor, UK.


I really thought that would be enough for the weekend, but no...
On sunday, 14.9.2014 "Susu" (Pet Pursuit Butterfly Effect) again cleaned the table in big ring at
Bjuv national all breed show by winning BEST IN SHOW youth!

Wow... What can I say? 

Huge thank you and congratulations to Ola, Dorota, Piko, Dennis & Susu. I couldn't be more happy.

 06.09.2014 - "Dina" at Lithuania.
Today while I was helping whelping at my father's place (Grazy Danes) my dear friend Rea took our little silky on the road to Kaunas, Lithuania all breed CH-show, and they did very nicely!

Daniela Pet Pursuit Damikon "Dina" - JCAC, BEST FEMALE & BOS!

Under the judge Olga Goncharuk.

Thank you so much Rea for taking our little treasure with!

 30 & 31.8.2014 - First homebred C.I.B! And other shownews!
This was very emotional weekend for me as a breeder.

First of all, our B-litter's little star was continuing conquering Sweden, this time at Visby doubleshow.

Pet Pursuit Butterfly Effect "Susu" did so well with her co-owner Dennis Gustafsson. Susu was shown first time out of junior class and took
BOTH DAYS BEST OF BREED with 2 x CAC and her very first CACIB!

So, extremely proud of this couple! Thank you Dennis!


And then, last but not least, our A-litter's only boy, Pet Pursuit Alix Atlantis "Sony" was taken part for the INT show at Luxembourg.
He did so well and closed his INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION for the very first try!!!

I have no words to describe how proud I am... 

Magnificent weekend I won't forget... Thank you Nordic Team!

 23 & 24.8.2014 - Shownews from Norway & Germany
This was again double-excitement weekend as Pet Pursuit-silkies was shown in two countries.
We were spending some vacation at Germany, while Beate was at Norway making small training task - as we call it for champion ;)

Pet Pursuit Bay Falcon "Musti" @ Leipzig Winner, Germany - CAC, R.CACIB!
Pet Pursuit Blue Sensation "Nunu" @ Leipzig, Germany - CAC!
Pet Pursuit Alix Atlantis "Sony" @ Norway - BEST OF BREED!

On the photo, Pet Pursuit Blue Sensation "Nunu"

Pet Pursuit Bay Falcon "Musti" @ Leipzig Winner, Germany - R.CAC, R.CACIB!
Pet Pursuit Blue Sensation "Nunu" @ Leipzig, Germany - CAC, R.CACIB => CACIB!
Pet Pursuit Alix Atlantis "Sony" @ Norway - BEST OF BREED!

Thank you so much Beate for taking Sony out again!

 1-3.8.2014 @ Druskininkai, Lithuania 2 x INT + SPEC - new LT JCH!
Received some very pleasing news from Lithuania during the long weekend.

Our C-litter's only girl, Pet Pursuit Caramel Touch "Piko" was shown all 3 days at junior class,
all three days she was BEST JUNIOR IN BREED with 3 x JCAC and closed LITHUANIAN JUNIOR CHAMPION!

Huge thanks and congratulations to Ola & Dorota, Team Poland.

 26 & 27.7.2014 @ Latvia INT + NAT - 3 x BOB, 2 x BOS + 5 new titles!
We had extremely hot weekend at Latvia doubleshow. +35*C made us feel a bit exhausted, but trip was definedly worth of all suffer! So here are the results from the weekend:

26.7.2014 - Saturday INT show

Day started with silkies. 6 silkies entered to Laura Cox, Ireland.
Our B-litter's youngsters was first time at the intermediate class just 5 days over 15 months of age.

Pet Pursuit Bay Falcon "Musti" - BOS, CAC, CACIB!
"Correct type. Good size. Nice outlines & balance. Correct in head. Good eyes & earset.
Good expression. Prefer better front. Ok topline. Moves good behind, a little tight in front."

Pet Pursuit Blue Sensation "Nunu" - BOB, CAC, CACIB!
"Correct type. Good size. Good outlines. Good balance. 
Excellent eyes, ears & expression. Very feminine. Good front, topline & back end.
Moves very easy with good drive."

Nunu & Musti were the only silkies graded with CQ. So proud of our youngsters!

And then... was turn to tibetans. We had only one entered, and judge Rita Kadike-Skadina from Latvia made her day:

As you Wish from Taste of Ambrosia "Luna" - BOB, CACIB & new INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION (C.I.B)!


Then on sunday was only silkies (7 entries) at the ring under the judge Rita Kadike-Skadina from Latvia:

Pet Pursuit Bay Falcon "Musti" - JBOB, JCAC, BOS => LV & BALT JCH!
"Nice junior in good condition. Correct proportions. Lovely head. Good topline & tail.
Excellent volume for age. Correct angulations. Correct coat. Typical movement."

Karlyermai Klassy Kandidate "Hoover" - BM2, CAC!
"Nice male. Correct masculine head. Good proportions. Correct topline & tail. Correct angulations.
Typical movement. Nice temperament. Good coat."

Pet Pursuit Amber Tan "Nala" - BOB, CAC => LV & BALT CH!
"Very nice female. Great profile & condition. Feminine head. Correct topline & tail.
Excellent coat. Nice angulations. Moves very well."

Great weekend all in all, couldn't wish for more! 
Thank you Dharma, Riikka & Rea for the nice trip!

 28 & 29.6.2014 - St. Petersburg, Russia 2 x INT - 4 new titles for Pet Pursuit - silkies!
This time we headed off to Russia, St. Petersburg 2 x INT shows. We didn't had all the best luck with this trip with our hotel, neither the judge changement for sunday and neither for many other things. We survived still and are very pleased for the results.

On saturday silkies judged by Kornelija Butrimova, Lithuania:

Pet Pursuit Amber Tan "Nala" - BOS, CAC, CACIB => RU & RKF CH!
Pet Pursuit Blue Sensation "Nunu" - JBOS, JCAC, BOS => RU JCH!
Pet Pursuit Bay Falcon "Musti" - JBOB, JCAC => RU JCH and lined up to best 5 at huge BIS-junior competition!


On sunday silkies judged by Boris Chapiro, France:

Pet Pursuit Amber Tan "Nala" - CAC, R.CACIB
Pet Pursuit Blue Sensation "Nunu" - JBOB, JCAC, BOS
Karlyermai Klassy Kandidate "Hoover" - CAC
Romwal With Love to Pet Pursuit "Nike" - CAC, R.CACIB => CACIB

Sunday's judging under Mr. Chapiro was not very clear.
But I will mark up the results as they are in the critics. My last time with this judge.

28.6.2014 - Silkies got BOB from Sweden & BOS at Poland!

This was again one memorable weekend for Pet Pursuit - silkies.
- Dennis Gustafsson at Sweden and Ola & Dorota Cepowska at Poland took care of that!

Sweden silkies were judged by Marion Finney:

Pet Pursuit Butterfly Effect "Susu" took BEST OF BREED with CAC!

"Quality bitch. Lovely type & construction. Super temperament. 
Moves out very well holding her shape. Good colours."

Even that wouldn't be enough they were also lined up to TOP 5 at the strong terrier group!!!
My greatest congratulations to Dennis & Susu! I have all the reasons always to be proud of you!


Poland were shown our C-litter's only girl

Pet Pursuit Caramel Touch "Piko".
Young girl did so well at her hometown show and went JBOB, JCAC and BOS and closed her PL JCH - title!
It's the first title for the C-puppies! Way to go Ola & Dorota, you are fabulous with this young talented girl!

21 & 22.6.2014 - Tibetans cleaned the table at Iceland: 2 x BOB & BOS & RW-14!

While we were at the countryside building new fences to the shelter, I received great news after anothers from Iceland, where my dear friend Dilja was showing tibetans.

On saturday, Reykjavik Winner, all breed show - Tomasz Borkowski:

Pet Pursuit's Backstage Pass from Taste of Ambrosia "Nasu" - BOB, CAC => RW-14!
"Beautiful junior dog. Excellent proportions. Excellent type of coat. Nice chest & body.
Masculine head with surrounding pigmentation. Eye not pigm. Excellent standing.
Moving ??? freely with long steps, fluent & parallel. Nice colourations. Good grooming & Presensation."

Ti La Shu On the Rocks "Dana" - BOS => RW-14!
"Very nice female with good head. Long neck, broad back, high tailset leaning on back.
Better rear- than front angulations. Good chest. A little soft coat in good lenght. Nice effort in movements.
Broad in back. A little ?? in front. A little in in elbows. Friendly in excellent condition. Nice presentation."

Sunday at international all breed show, Malgorzata Supronowicz:

Pet Pursuit's Backstage Pass from Taste of Ambrosia "Nasu" - BOB, CAC, CACIB!
"Very elegant dog. Sound with fluent movement. Dark eyes. Beautiful neck. Almost level back.
Tailset high enough. Enough angulated rear. Beautiful markings."

Ti La Shu On the Rocks "Dana" - BOS, CACIB!
"Very feminine in type. Small head. Dark eyes. Enough neck. Straight back.
Strong body. Well angulated rear. Excellent coat type. Could be in better show condition."

Huge thanks to Dilja for showing and preparing them! I'm speechlessly proud of you all!

7 & 8.6.2014 - 3 new titles to bring home from Latvia!

This time we headed to Latvia 2 x International show, where was both days around 10 silkies entered.
Judges on different days had very different taste of breed, so it was very interesting judgings both days:

On saturday silkies were judges Elzbieta Cwalibog, Poland:

Pet Pursuit Alix Atlantis "Sony" - EXC/3

Pet Pursuit Butterfly Effect "Susu" - JBOB, JCAC, BF3 => LV JCH!

Susu got yet again qualification for Crufts!


Sunday's silkyjudge was Sean Delmar, Ireland:

Pet Pursuit Alix Atlantis "Sony" - EXC/1, CQ, BM2, CAC, R-CACIB -> CACIB => LV & BALT CH!

"Excellent expression. Nice sharp eyes. Good topline. Good body.

Excellent tailset. Excellent texture of the coat. Crossing inward in moving. Excellent type."

Pet Pursuit Butterfly Effect "Susu" - JBOB, JCAC & finally BEST OF BREED!

"Excellent expression. Correct ears & eyes. Good front. Excellent topline. 
Good texture of the coat. Nice active movement."

Judge told he liked our Sony a lot and he would be the winner male if the front movement would be a bit more stable. Type was perfect and he has great qualities. Susu's BOB amazed me in the strong competition, but we have seen before already that our young girls have surprised us already time after time :)

31.5 & 1.6.2014 - Great showresults from Estonia spiced with German results!

We are busy at the moment with travelling the shows with our youngsters but seems like soon we can have a small break - results are smashing...

This time our target was Estonia Winner, which was held in Tallinn - capital of the country.
Silkies had pretty big entries this year, saturday (winnershow) 22 entries and sunday (speciality) 11 entries. Here is our highlights from the weekend:

Saturday silkies judged by Karen McIntyre, NZ:

Pet Pursuit Bay Falcon "Musti- EXC/1, CQ, JBOS, JCAC, BM2 => ESTJW-14 & EST JCH!

Musti had 5 competitors at his class and he was the only one with CQ.
"Correctly balanced dog. Excellent head & expression. Good strenght of jaw. Excellent pigmentation. Correct angulations. Grear front & rear.
Very sound in move. Good coat."


Pet Pursuit Butterfly Effect "Susu- EXC/2, CQ, BF2
Susu beated class winner at Best Female - competition.
"Feminine bitch with correct head proportions. Dark pigmentation. Balanced angulations with correct movements.
Body still developing and maturing."


Pet Pursuit Amber Tan "Nala- EXC/1, CQ, BF3, CAC, CACIB => SI JCH, FI & EST & LT & SI & SE CH!

"Very feminine bitch. Excellent pigmentation and eyeshape & color. Balanced angulations. Strong topline. Great movement."


Sunday's specialityjudge was Rajic Branislav, Slovenia:

Pet Pursuit Bay Falcon "Musti" - JBOB, BEST OF BREED!
"13 months. Good size. Masculine expression. Friendly character. Excellent head.
Excellent coat & color. Excellent shoulders & front. Excellent bones.
Very good topline on standing and moving. Excellent angulations and tail.
Very sound mover. Good temperament."

Pet Pursuit Alix Atlantis
"Sony" - EXC/1, CQ, CAC => EST CH!


Tibetan Terriers judged by Yvonne Cannon, Ireland:

Ti La Shu Super Nova "Martta- EXC/1, CQ, JBOB, BF2 => ESTJW-14!

"Well balanced head. Excellent bite. Good lenght of upper arm. Good ribcage. Well ribbed back.
Excellent topline. Stands well behind. Good angulations. Good headline. Moves soundly behind &

very well in profile. Front action little loose. Holds topline excellently while moving. Well presented & handled."


Results from Germany, Neumunster:
Pet Pursuit Caramel Touch "Piko" - both days, JBOB & JCAC's!
Hopefully we are gettings critics and judges soon...

Huge congrats to all co-owners and special thanks to Klaara & Dharma & Emma for your help for the weekend!

23-25.5.2014 - We hit the jackpot at Baltic Winner, Lithuania 3 x INT!

This time we travelled to Moletai, Lithuania for Baltic Winnershow. This time it was 3 x INT, and we picked up last weekend our few co-owned dogs from Sweden and Norway, and were now ready for take shot with them in here. I couldn't be more happy for the all results:

23.5.2014 (3 dogs entered from us)
ST - Pet Pursuit Alix Atlantis "Sony" - CAC, CACIB => LITHUANIAN CHAMPION!
ST - Pet Pursuit Butterfly Effect "Susu" - JBOB, JCAC, BOS!
TT - Ti La Shu Super Nova "Martta" - JBOB, JCAC => LT & BALT JCH!

Fresh LT & BALT JCH, BALTJW-14, Ti La Shu Super Nova

24.5.2014 (5 dogs entered from us)
ST - Pet Pursuit Bay Falcon "Musti" - EXC/2
ST - Pet Pursuit Alix Atlantis "Sony" - CAC, R.CACIB => CACIB
ST - Pet Pursuit Butterfly Effect "Susu" - JBOS, JCAC => BALTIC JUNIOR WINNER 2014 & LT JCH!
ST - Pet Pursuit Amber Tan "Nala" - BOS, CAC, CACIB => BALTIC WINNER 2014!
TT - Ti La Shu Super Nova "Martta" - JBOB, JCAC, BOB => BALTIC JUNIOR WINNER 2014!

25.5.2014 (3 dogs entered from us)
ST - Pet Pursuit Alix Atlantis "Sony" - CAC, R.CACIB => CACIB
ST - Pet Pursuit Butterfly Effect "Susu" - EXC/2
TT - Ti La Shu Super Nova "Martta" - BOS, CAC, CACIB first time out of junior class!
On the pictures left is fresh LT JCH & BALTJW-14 Pet Pursuit Butterfly Effect & right fresh LT CH Pet Pursuit Alix Atlantis.

Such a great weekend!!! Huge thanks to our tripcompany Joni, Petra and Sirpa!
Congratulations to co-owners Dennis (Susu), Beate (Sony), Joona & Maija (Nala), Ansku (Musti) and Sera & Jaana (Martta)!

17-18.5.2014 - Pet Pursuit's first Champion! Poland & Sweden conquering!

We had a very nice trip to Sweden, meet up our dear friend Dennis & his pack. Same time we visited on some shows, and results were very nice... We got FIRST homebred CHAMPION on the first possible day!

17.5.2014 @ Hörby STK show:

Pet Pursuit Alix Atlantis "Sony" - BOB, CAC

"Exellent type. Very nice head and eyes, Correct topline, Good angulation on rear,
A bit close in the front in movement, Good coat."

Pet Pursuit Amber Tan "Nala" - BOS, CAC!
Silkies judged by Nemanja Jovanovic, Serbia

18.5.2014 @ Hässleholm INT, Sweden:
Pet Pursuit Alix Atlantis "Sony" - BM2, CAC, R.CACIB => SI JCH, SI & NO & DK & SE & NORD CH!
Pet Pursuit Amber Tan "Nala" - BF2, R.CAC, R.CACIB!
Silkies judged by Pia Lundberg, Sweden

18.5.2014 @ Lozl, Poland:
Pet Pursuit Caramel Touch "Piko" - JBOB, JCAC, BOS!

Huge thanks to Dennis and Tommi for your hospitality, and Beate for great weekend!
Also my warmest thanks and congratulations to Ola & Dorota for Piko's great success again!

Pictures and critics coming soon...

10-11.5.2014 - Our team shown in 3 countries with wonderful results!

First something less official: we went to unofficial show with our newest import "Hoover" (Karlyermai Klassy Kandidate) 7.5.2014 which was held in Helsinki. He did really nicely and won right away BEST IN GROUP BIS III!
I love the way this young boy is showing himself, and loving what he is doin'. I cannot wait the future together! 

Then on the topic. Well, this weekend was made of shining sun and good friends. I think for all of us.
We had very young dogs at the shows in many countries this weekend, and they all made amazingly well!

Denmark - Pet Pursuit Butterfly Effect
Our "Susu" (co-owned and loved by Dennis Gustafsson) went to Roskilde 2 x INT show and they did very nicely from junior class!
She was both days BEST BITCH with CAC & BOS and got qualified to Crufts!

Saturday silkies judged by Mike Macbeth, Canada:
"Excellent grooming and presentation. She literally glows in the sun. Pretty head. Lovely refined bitch. Very sound coming and going. Very impressive hind quarters. Not quite as strong in topline on the move and standing as I would like to see, but overall a very impressive young girl."

Sunday judge was Csaba Zsolt Lokodi from Romania.

Finland - Pet Pursuit Blue Sensation & Romwal With Love to Pet Pursuit
On saturday we travelled to Hamina INT to see my dear friend Inna and also our co-owned UK-import "Nike" (Romwal With Love to Pet Pursuit - photos below). He did very well at the show under Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki, FIN and achieved BM3 + CAC!
Our juniorgirl got EXC/1 out of 2 but this time without CQ because pulling hardly while moving.
On sunday we went to Helsinki INT with "Nunu" (Pet Pursuit Blue Sensation - photo below) and she shown herself with same kind of crazy attitude but getting JBOB, BF2 and CAC! Silkies judged by Päivi Eerola, Finland.

Poland - Pet Pursuit Caramel Touch
Ola & Dorota Cepowska, owner of ours C-litter's only female "Piko" (Pet Pursuit Caramel Touch) went to Lodz International dogshow at Poland - it was Piko's first official show and they did it even better than anyone expected: JBOB, JCAC and finally BEST OF BREED! She won all the champions along the way!

"Excellent breedtype and genderype. Perfect head. Excellent pigmentation. Perfect ears, eyes & nose.
Excellent top- and underline. Perfect structure of coat with good color for the age."
- Aneta DopieraƂa, Poland

Great, awesome job Ola & Dorota, I'm so extremely proud of your success!

Very, very warmly thank you all involved - Dennis, Inna, Ola & Dorota for all you have done for these treasures - and most of all - believing their qualities!
Words aren't enough to describe how happy I am after this weekend!

Tibetan Terrier - puppies expected at the end of the summer 2014!

12.4.2014 - Great results from Estonia & Denmark!

Much has happened in a month. Example we got new addition to our team from Australia. We are so pleased to welcome "Hoover", Karlyermai Klassy Kandidate to Finland! Huge thanks for Hoover's breeder mrs. Sally Baxter for trusting this lovely boy to us!

Then... to the results...

Our B-litter has improved at the rings well since they started,
and now they are just 11 months old.
Today B-litter's puppies were shown in two countries,
and the results were the most pleasing ones:

We were at the Tallinn Winner, Estonia International show
with following results:

Pet Pursuit Blue Sensation "Nunu" - EXC/1 out of 2, CQ, JCAC, BF2 & closed EST & BALT JCH and Tallinn
Junior Winner 2014!
"Feminine bitch. Nice head & expression. Well placed ears. Dark eyes.
Correct bite. 
Very nice body for age of good lenght and excellent condition.
Good tailset. Good movement. 
Good coat & color for age. Well presented."

Last year our A-litter's "Nala" achieved this same title from the same show beating strong 4 juniorclass.
Nunu did so great beating many multi champions, and she was the youngest female at the show.

Pet Pursuit Bay Falcon "Musti" was EXC 2nd in the class out of 4,
and ended up 3rd best male!
"11 months old dog. Nice head & expression. Dark eyes. Correct bite.
Well placed ears. Good stop. 
Good lenght of the body. Good tailset.
Good angulations. Moves well for age. Good coat for age."

Silkies were judged by Birgit Seloy, Denmark.

Then we got pleasing results from Billund national, Denmark:
Pet Pursuit Butterfly Effect "Susu" added another feather on her cap, by winning again all the champions and ended up JBOB, JCAC, CAC & yet again BEST OF BREED!
She also closed her DTK Junior Champion title!

Silkies judged by Karl Henrik Johansson, Sweden.
Thank you so much Dennis for believing our little girl, such a superwork!

22 & 23.3.2014 - 3 x JCH & JW - titles from Latvia!

Riga was calling us to yearly winnershow.
We had very nice tripcompany and lots of fun in the trip, thank you all involved first of all!
Trip didn't started the way we hoped, but we still managed to go to the ring with unwashed tt's.

Results were very pleasing, 19 silkies entered on saturday:
Pet Pursuit Blue Sensation "Nunu" - EXC/1, PP, BF4 --> LV JCH & LVJW-14 out of 10 bitches!
Pet Pursuit Bay Falcon "Musti" - EXC/2, PP
Pet Pursuit Amber Tan "Nala" - EXC/1

Sunday 18 silkies:
Silkwizard's Comet Star Pet Pursuit "Urho" - EXC/2, PP
Pet Pursuit Amber Tan "Nala" - EXC/1, CQ

Tibetan Terriers:
Pet Pursuit's Backstage Pass from Taste of Ambrosia "Nasu" - EXC/1, PP, BM2 --> LVJW-14, LV & BALT JCH!
Ti La Shu Super Nova "Martta" - EXC/1, PP, BF2 --> LVJW-14
On sunday we had only "Nasu" who replied his results!

I'm very pleased for these results from big amount of dogs. Was so nice to see all friends for a long time!

On the picture Pet Pursuit Blue Sensation "Nunu" who has finished 2 JCH & 2 JW-titles in 2 weeks!

8 & 9.3.2014 - Smashing results from Lithuania double INT and some healthresults!

This time we headed off to Vilnius, Lithuania double INT with big pack of dogs.

On saturday silkies were judged by Rainer Jacobs, Germany.
Unfortunately I didn't think german judge far enough, and entered also our beloved "Nala" (Pet Pursuit Amber Tan). She did still well and got EXC with CQ and got res. CACIB because of the missing teeths.
On that day BF - ring was not kept (maybe because of messing up ringsecretaries).

Well it was also something good with it, as our juniors has full dentions:
Pet Pursuit Bay Falcon "Musti" got JBOB, JCAC, BM2 and closed Lithuanian Junior Winner 2014!
Pet Pursuit Blue Sensation "Nunu" was JBOS, JCAC and closed Lithuanian Junior Winner 2014!

(on the pictures "Musti" on left, "Nunu" on right)

On sunday judge was Luis Pinto Texeira from Spain. Results were following:
Pet Pursuit Bay Falcon "Musti" - JBOS, JCAC, BM2 & Lithuanian Junior Champion!
"Good lenght of the body. Correct mouth. Good lenght of the muzzle. A bit open front.
Normal topline & angulations behind. Good texture of a coat. Moves well."

Pet Pursuit Blue Sensation "Nunu" - JBOB, JCAC, BOS & Lithuanian Junior Champion!
"Good lenght of the body. Correct mouth. Well shaped eyes. Good set of the ears.
Good lenght of the neck. Normal front. Good topline. Very good texture of the coat. Moves well."

I couldn't be more proud of these youngsters as these were their very first official shows!

On saturday Tibetan Terriers were judged by Iuza Beradze, CZ
Pet Pursuit's Backstage Pass from Taste of Ambrosia "Nasu" - JBOS, JCAC, BOS --> LTJW-14!
Ti La Shu Super Nova "Martta" - JBOB, JCAC, BOB --> LTJW-14! (picture up, entered only on saturday)

On sunday Tibetan Terriers were judged by Anna Rogowska, PL
Pet Pursuit's Backstage Pass from Taste of Ambrosia "Nasu" - JBOB, JCAC, BOB --> LT & EST JCH!
Nasu was also lined up to best 8 at the huge BIS-junior competition, picture from us below at the mainring).

We got everything we could hope for from the weekend!

Then was some health results:
TT - Ti La Shu On the Rocks "Dana" - HD: A/A, ED: 0/0
TT - As you Wish from Taste of Ambrosia "Luna" - eyes: CLEAR

1 & 2.3.2014 - "Susu" started her showcareer from Denmark with style: 2 x BOB!

Well, our swedish team makes me smile time after time.

This time "Susu" (Pet Pursuit Butterfly Effect) went to Denmark doubleshow, held at Haarlev.

They really made it worth to go, Susu was both days
Over the champions, and she also got Danish terrier klub JCAC and also adult CAC.

This was Susu's first official show - last time she was shown to BIS-placements at the puppyclass at Swedish biggest dogshow on january.

On saturday silkies (4) were judged by strict Tuire Okkola, Finland.
"Pretty little lady. Nice construction. Excellent frontlegs. Enough angulated behind.
Nice tailset. Excellent coat quality & color for the age. Nice expression. Moving well. Well presented."

Sunday silkies (5) judged by Annika Ulltveit-Moe, Sweden.
"Very feminine. Could be a thought longer in head. Good ears nice neckline.
Strong topline and good tail. Nice forelegs and suitable body with good muscles,
shiny coat with good colours, moves with good headcarriage and freely."

Big thanks & congrats to Susu's co-owner Dennis Gustafsson for all the work with this lady!

23.02.2014 - "Dana" is now fresh Icelandic Champion!

Today was a day for a great news again...

Our little sweet tibetan terrier girl Ti La Shu On the Rocks "Dana" went to the Reykjavik INT - show at Iceland.
Results were again the most pleasing ones, and Dana really attracted the Norwegian judge Arne Foss.

Results were in the end yet another BEST OF BREED with CAC & CACIB.
This was Dana's 3rd BOB at Iceland in the row - she has got BOB from all the shows she has been.

Thank you so so much for Dana's co-owner Dilja for finishing her champion titles as she is definedly worth it!
Our Icelandic team is making me very proud.

Critic and hopefully some pictures coming soon...

25 & 26.01.2014 - "Nasu" @ Estonia - 2 x JBOB, JCAC, BOB!

It was our young tibetan boy's turn to travel overseas with my beloved friend Sonja.
Show was held in Narva, near by border of Russia, but country is Estonia.
They did so well, and "Nasu" (Pet Pursuit's Backstage Pass from Taste of Ambrosia) got following results:

Saturday - Marija Kavcic, Slovenia
JBOB, JCAC, BEST OF BREED and also lined up to best 7 at huge BIS-junior competition!

Sunday - Nina Karlsdotter, Sweden
JBOB, JCAC, BEST OF BREED  - unfortunately they didn't had time to stay for the group on sunday.

"Masculine head. Dark eyes. Well set ears. Excellent neck & topline. Tail bit flat. Good body & proportions. Very good bones. Angulations in balance. Excellent mover. Very good coat for age. Nice silhouette."

You can find a video from Nasu at the mainring from our FACEBOOK-page!

Thank you so much Sonja for Nasu's great care! This has been wonderful year this far!
We also have some shocking news coming up... Stay on toon!

18 & 19.01.2014 - 2 x Slovenia INT: 2 x SLOVENIAN WINNERS!

This time we travelled to Slovenia, Ljubljana double INT show.
Two of our silkies were shown, and results were very nice:

18.1.2014 - Ljubljana I
Pet Pursuit Alix Atlantis "Sony" - BOB, CAC, CACIB
Pet Pursuit Amber Tan "Nala" - BOS, CAC, CACIB

Sony's critic from saturday:
"19 months. Well proportions. Strong bones. Rather narrow. Good mover. Very good coat. Correct bite."
- Dubravka Reicher, HR

Unfortunately Nala's critic is at her home, so probably will be updated later.

19.1.2014 - Ljubljana II, Winner
Pet Pursuit Alix Atlantis "Sony" - BOB, CAC, CACIB --> SLOVENIAN WINNER 2014!
Pet Pursuit Amber Tan "Nala" - BOS, CAC, CACIB --> SLOVENIAN WINNER 2014!

Sony's critic from sunday:
"Good size for his age. With good typical head. Good expression. Good neck & shoulders.
Good body built. Good angulations. Wish for more coat. Very nice temperament. Good presentation."
- Enrique Mate Duran, ES

Nala's critic from sunday:
"Good size. Nice typical head. Good expression. Good neck & shoulders. Good proportions.
Good topline. Good coat condition. Good movement. Good presentation."

- Enrique Mate Duran, ES

Judge spent a bit more adjectives from our youngsters, but ring secretaries seems to be lazy.
Both of these sweet silkies from our A-litter also get Crufts qualifications!
Thank you so so much to Sony's owner Beate for taking him with you and coming over.
Also big thanks to Tone and Atle for a great company and all your help!


This day is kind of unforgettable. Starting for the year couldn't be better!
Pet Pursuit Butterfly Effect "Susu" shown us the reason for fireworks at MyDog INT, Gothenburg, Sweden, which is one of the biggest dog events in Europe by being


Critic was simply melting:

"8 months. Beautiful young bitch. Very nice head. Very good placed ears.
Dark eyes. Very nice expression. Very good topline and tail.

Very good angulations. Good muscled. Very nice silky coat.
typical colors. Moves fantastic."
- Jo Schepers, Netherlands

BIS-puppy was judged by Åke Cronander, Sweden

If you look down these photos (taken by Paula Viik, thank you!) you can easily see what means the true relationship with the dog:

Second day they continued with the same way.

Pet Pursuit Butterfly Effect "Susu" did it first at the breedring under the judge Dan Ericsson, Sweden:

"Excellent nice Puppy. Stylish appearance with nice topline. Nice head and expression.
Good in front. Excellent coat in excellent condition/well prepered.
Appearing with nice attitude, a little close rear movement."

...later they knocked it off at the mainring under the judge Karl Erik Johansson, SE, by ending...


No need to say that we are over the moon...
Judges were so glad about Susu, and she was praised so much by them!

Keep up the great work Dennis & Susu, you are shining together!