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Here you can find our news and result. To look one dog's results, go to that dog's own page.


First of all:

It's time to thank our wonderful team, friends and everyone involved for a great year 2013.
This was amazing year for our dogs, finishing numerous of Champion and Junior Champion,
Winner and Junior Winner titles, and even first Pet Pursuit - dog got JBIS-placement and BISS-puppy!

Video from the year 2013 with all highlights you can find from our Facebook-pages:


We are very excited about next year.

9-10.11.2013 @ Latvia, Riga - 2 new BALTIC JUNIOR WINNERS!

This time we packed our car and headed off to Latvia, Riga, where was held country's last INT show this year - 'Baltic Winner 2013' - show.

We had only juniors with us as well, as all our adult dogs seems to have everything already.
On saturday was Tibetan Terriers on the ring.

Our "Nasu", Pet Pursuit's Backstage Pass from Taste of Ambrosia started.
He stole judge's heart, but unfortunately was not priced with CQ because of pigment broke in his another eye.
He still won his class out of 2 junior males with lovely critic!

Then our young girl Ti La Shu Super Nova "Martta" had her turn. It was her very first time in the ring ever, and how well did she do: EXC/1, CQ, JBOB, BF2 and BALTIC JUNIOR WINNER 2013!
4 females entered and she was the youngest one only loosing for adult champion female.

Critics and results were pleasing under a tight judge Yolanda Nagler Magal, Israel:
"Nice feminine bitch. Correct tail. Good proportions, expression & pigmentation. 
Balanced neck. Very good size of body. Correct front. Good angulations behind.
Correct chest. Excellent coat. Sound movement with good drive."

On sunday was turn our silkygirl Pet Pursuit Amber Tan "Nala".
She did also great and went BEST JUNIOR IN BREED with CQ, BF4 and BALTIC JUNIOR WINNER 2013!

Her critic was also very nice under the same judge than tibetans:
"Feminine. Correct head. Balanced scull & muzzle. Good stop. Well set ears. Lovely expression.
Good pigmentation. Scissor bite. Balanced neck. Correct chest & ribs. Good angulations behind. Silky coat. Sound movement."

Year's almost last showtrip is now over. Thank you so much all involved for a great trip!

10.11.2013 - Pet Pursuit Butterfly Effect - yet again BEST PUPPY IN BREED!
Like in last new, Dennis & "Susu" (Pet Pursuit Butterfly Effect) are doin' great in Sweden.
This time they were at the MalmoValp, Sweden - over 1000 puppies entered all in all!

They did so well, and took HP with BEST PUPPY IN BREED third time in a row!

As always, critics has been very pleasing ones, and this one is also going to same manners:

"Excellent type and size. Correctly set ears. Good bite. Excellent neck and topline. Excellent tail.
Well angulated behind. Moving freely from the side. Promising coat and color. Well presented."
-Liselotte Johansson

Just a superteam, thank you so much Dennis for taking such a great care of Susu,
I'm extremely proud of this couple!

26.10.2013 - Pet Pursuit Butterfly Effect - BEST IN SHOW PUPPY IN SPECIALITY!

Our swedish export keep Pet Pursuit's flag higher than the skies in Sweden.
Our B-litter's dollgirl Pet Pursuit Butterfly Effect "Susu" went to Vårgårda, yearly breed speciality with her owner Dennis Gustafsson.
They really hit the jackpot by winning Best puppy in Breed and all the way to BEST PUPPY IN SHOW!

Silkies were judged by tight terrier specialist Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki from Finland.
He told out loud that our Susu was the only one at the ring with real silkyshine,
and still replied how rare is to have this straight feets on silkies in these days.

Critic was very pleasing as well:
"A lovely puppy with excellent proportions. Well developed body and chest for his age.
Very pleasing expression. Dark eyes well placed ears. Suitable bone.
Almost straight front legs, rarely seen before in this race. Excellent topline.
Well set and carried tail. Excellent coat type for ages with beautiful colors.
Moves excellent with excellent attitude/pitching. Want a little more drive to step back."

Congratulations Dennis & "Susu" - you will have a bright future together!

13.10.2013 @ Sundsvall, Sweden INT: Pet Pursuit Alix Atlantis - BM2, CAC, R.CACIB!

A-litter's only male Pet Pursuit Alix Atlantis "Sony" was conquering at Sweden again.

He did really well, and gained yet another CAC with 2nd BEST MALE and Res. CACIB.
He is still so young, and mangled his way to the top from intermediate class!

Critic was very pleasing:
"Very good type. Beautiful head. Good expression. Correct proportions.
Excellent chest, neck, topline & angulations. Good proportions in body.
Very sound excellent color and texture in coat. Excellent in movement and temperament."

This is the picture from Best Male - competition. Sony is second on the line.

Huge congrats to Sony and his owner Beate B. Sandnes, I'm extremely proud of you two!

3.10.2013 - We have a new addition from Czech!

Happy day filled with lots of emotions. Was so happy to meet my dear friend again!
Our C-litter's beautiful girl Pet Pursuit Caramel Touch "Carmel" (right picture) went to her new home
with kennel Chluba Oli, Poland (Ola & Dorota Cepowska). Our puppypen is so quiet now without her.

Same time we wish welcome our new addition to the team (left picture):
Daniela Pet Pursuit Damikon
She came long way from Czech here with us to fill our hopes.
Thank you so much D. Konupkova (Damikon) for trusting this little princess on our hands!
And great thanks to O. Cepowska (Chluba Oli) for everything you have done for us! Good luck with your little princess!

22.9.2013 - B-litter started puppyshows!

Our B-litter have waited long enough to enter to the rings.
As "Susu" - Pet Pursuit Butterfly Effect has already gained her BOB-puppy, was littermate's turn to show what from they are made of.

We went to Tuulos, Hämeenlinna (FIN) puppyshow.
4 silkies were judged by Juta Haranen, Estonia.

Results were following (and most pleasing!):
Pet Pursuit Bay Falcon "Musti" - HP, BM2
Pet Pursuit Blue Sensation "Nunu" - HP, BEST PUPPY IN BREED!

Judge told she liked our "Musti" most of, but he was not on the mood with moving.
We are extremely happy with this start for these youngsters.

Critics were very nice (free translates), first our strong youngster "Musti":
"Cute puppy. Correct head & expression. Correct bite. Good eyes & ears. Very promising coat.
Still moves puppylike but temperamental. Well presented."

And her sister "Nunu":
"Attractive bitchpuppy. Feminine head and expression. Well setted ears and eyes.
Well developed for her age. Good bones. Excellent angulations.
Promising coat. Moves with full of temperament. Well presented."

Great start for our new generation! Thank you Ansku for keeping such a great care of "Musti"!

15.9.2013 - A-litter conquering again!

Our A-litter continues their success.

First of all; we had a lovely day again with our youngster Pet Pursuit Amber Tan "Nala".
This time Helsinki groupshow under the judge Lillian Lleton, Denmark.

She ended up her way to EXC/1, CQ, BF1, BOS, CAC!
Huge congrats and thank you to her owners Maija & Joona! Extremely proud of this young girl!

"15 months. Great shower & mover. Nice head & expression. Nice neck & shoulders.
Good front. Excellent body lenght. Nice quarters. Excellent coat & quality. Excellent happy temperament."


Meanwhile her brother Pet Pursuit Alix Atlantis "Sony" did great at Rogaland INT, Norway:

"Good size & correct proportions. Little bit long ears. Excellent attitude & topline.
Good chest. Slightly turned frontlegs. Good rear angulations. Excellent coat quality. A little light in colour."
- Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen, Finland

Thank you so much for his owner Beate B. Sandnes for everything!
Also great thanks to Atle Gundersen for handling him to perfection!

What a great weekend for Pet Pursuit - silkies!
Huge thanks to all co-owners and handlers!

More pictures from our FACEBOOK-page.

14.9.2013 @ Nordic team rocked at silkies!

This day was very nice for me, as people went to take a look of our C-litter's puppies... I just received e-mails and messages about the great achievements at the shows from our Nordic Team, as i can now call them with a good mood and smile.

Our A-litter's male Pet Pursuit Alix Atlantis "Sony" was shown at the Rogaland, Norway all breed national show.
He did excellent work (as usually) with Beate, shown by A. Gundersen and went all the way to
EXC/1, CQ, CAC & took this 6th BEST OF BREED!

"Very good type. Well proportioned. Good head. Excellent bite and teeth.
Good front. Strong nice topline. Well positioned tail. Excellent coat and color."

- Wenche Eikeseth, Norway

Sony on left & Susu on right with their prizes.


Just a bit after previous news i received a message from Dennis Gustafsson,
co-owner of our beautiful little girl from B-litter, Pet Pursuit Butterfly Effect "Susu".

She was at her very first show at Bjuv, Sweden specialityshow - 4,5 months old at the puppyclass.
She did great of course and finished it HP with BEST PUPPY IN BREED!

Nice type. Good head and in nice body proportions and angulations. Good front and rear.
Nice coat texture and colour. Moves well."

- Sonia Pagani, Italy

Huge congrats and thank you to Beate and Dennis, and also for Sony and Susu. You make me very proud!

8.9.2013 @ Minsk, Belarus INT: Pet Pursuit Amber Tan - BY JCH!

Pet Pursuit Amber Tan "Nala" was on the road again. This time she went to Belarus INT.
She did very well and closed her Belarussian Junior Champion with JBOB and BOS!

Silkies were judged by Harry Vella from Malta.

25.8.2013 @ Tervakoski, Finland: ST, Pet Pursuit Amber Tan - BOS, CAC, CACIB!

We had a great day at Tervakoski, International show at Finland.
We had again only our beloved homebred girl with us and she really hit the jackpot.

Pet Pursuit Amber Tan "Nala" - EXC/1, CQ, BF1, BOS, CAC, CACIB!

She was shown first time out of junior class!
Now our both pups from A-litter has CACIB's and they are only a week over 15 months old.
What an great achievement!

Critic was also very pleasing:

"4 teeths missing. Nice female with excellent appearance.
Typical Head w
ith excellent expression.

Good neck that goes well into shoulders. Very good straight back.
Excellent chest. Excellent rear. Nice silky hair.
Steelblue coat with deep tan markings.
Shows herself nicely, free and happy."
- Irmgrad Vogt, Germany

Congratulations to Nala's owners Joona & Maija! I'm so proud of this litter all in all this far!

17 & 18.8.2013 @ Bornholm, Denmark: ST, Pet Pursuit Alix Atlantis - BOB, CAC, CACIB!

Again great news from overseas.

They travelled all the way to Bornholm, Denmark with young silkyboy Pet Pursuit Alix Atlantis "Sony".
Sony was shown today by Atle Gundersen, and mangled his way to

He turned 15 months today, first time out of junior class (entered to open today).
He is also the first Pet Pursuit - silky with CACIB. I do not even find a words to say how proud I am.

Critic was also very pleasing (free translate):
"Excellent type. Very good head. Well set & shaped ears. Dark eyes. Super fine pigmented.
Well formed and lined male. Excellent prime silkycoat. Excellent colour and texture.
Could be a little shorter in length. A fine representative of his race."

Great work Beate and Atle, we are keeping the flag high for you in here!
Thanks to judge Henrik Johansson, Sweden.

On sunday they did great as well:

"15 month old male. Nice size. Very good head and expression. Prime bite.
Nice eyes and ears. Prime neck, shoulder, topline and body length. Prime front and forechest.
Customizable bone, normally angled behind. Great coat.
Easy and free movements. A pleasure to watch."

- Lillian Lleton, Denmark

10 & 11.8.2013 - Joensuu 2 x INT, Finland

We had a nice holiday-weekend at Joensuu double International show at Finland.
Our youngsters did a quite well, too pity they both were in junior class as they were too young for CACIB's...

10.8.2013, saturday - Pet Pursuit Amber Tan "Nala" - EXC/1, CQ, BF3, R.CAC!
11.8.2013, sunday - Tel Quessir Deluxe Déjà Vu "Lelu" - EXC/1, CQ, BF2, CAC!

Both days VG's were given in silkies (8+13) so we are very happy for these results for our young girls.
Thank you Ansku, Joni and Tero for a very nice weekend!

3 & 4.8.2013 - Pet Pursuit Alix Atlantis "Sony"  - 2 x BOB, CAC!

While i was puppysitting our C-litter at home, i received great news for the whole weekend from Beate Brufors Sandnes, Norway.

Our A-litter's male Pet Pursuit Alix Atlantis "Sony" was shown at Nesbyen all breed national show on both days.
He ended up both days EXC/1, CQ, BM1, CAC, BEST OF BREED!

Over the champions he was added on saturday by Cathy Delmar, Ireland and on sunday Maite Gonzalbo Lorenzo from Spain.

We congratulate Sony's owner Beate for her great work with this young juniorboy, we are so extremely proud! 
Keep up for a great work!

29.7.2013 - C-litter in silkies has born.

Just when we came to home from Latvia, our leasing-bitch "Tany" (Paradise Passion Taný) started to whelp.
We got a quite nice amount puppies - 4 males and 1 female. Everything went very well and mother and babies are doin' well.

More information from this litter from our puppies - page and C-litter - page.

27 & 28.7.2013 - "Nala" & "Lelu" @ Jaunmarupe, Latvia!


After a nice vacation at Riga, we ended our week at Jaunmarupe, Latvia national all breed shows. We had only one silkies in each day entered as we had a dogs with us on that vacation as well.

On saturday, Our silkyyoungster Pet Pursuit Amber Tan "Nala" really attracted the judge. She was JBOB, JCAC and Best of Breed - she closed her LV & BALT JCH! Silkies judged by Elfriede Heidecken, Austria, who told that "Nala" will have a very very bright future. Nala is on the right picture.

On sunday was our "Lelu"'s (Tel Quessir Deluxe Déjà Vu) turn. She went to JBOB, JCAC and BF2 under the judge Natalya Sedykh, Russia. Lelu at lower picture.


13 & 14.7.2013 @ Estonia 2 x NAT - 2 x BIS-placements!

 We had a really really unforgettable weekend at Estonia doubleshow at Viimsi.
We had this time only 2 dogs from us - one junior and one puppy, but the results were the most pleasing ones:

13.7.2013 - saturday

ST - Pet Pursuit Amber Tan "Nala" - JBOB, JCAC, BF2 and finally BEST IN SHOW 4 - junior!

Silkies were judged by Livia Zizevske, Lithuania.
"Nice size and format. Very good proportions. Typical head. Good set up of the neck. Strong topline.
Good volume of ribcage. Excellent movements. Would like to have more silky hair."

TT - Pet Pursuit's Backstage Pass from Taste of Ambrosia "Nasu" - HP, BOB-puppy!

TT-judge Gabriela Ridarsikova, Slovakia.
"6 months old male. Excellent body & proportions. Nice head, good topline.
Good depth of chest. Excellent angulations. Moves very well."

14.7.2013 - sunday

ST - Pet Pursuit Amber Tan "Nala" - JBOB, JCAC, BEST OF BREED - lined up at BIS-JUN!
Also she finished her Lithuanian and Estonian Junior Champion!

Silkyjudge was Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen from Finland. Nala was the only silky with CAC qualification under this terrierspecialist.
"Good size. Very beautiful and feminine. Excellent coat and colour.
Excellent topline. Feminine head. Well set ears. Very well filled forechest.
Lovely depht of brisket. Very well angulated. Moves very well. Carries tail correct over back.
Full of self-confident."

TT - Pet Pursuit's Backstage Pass from Taste of Ambrosia "Nasu" - HP, BOB, PUPPY, BEST IN SHOW - PUPPY!

Breedjudge Igoris Zizevskis from Lithuania. Best in Show puppy - judge Gunnar Nymann, Denmark.
"6 months old male. Excellent body & proportions. Nice head, good topline. Good depth of chest. Excellent angulations. Moves very well."

Thanks to all the judges for appreciating our dogs!

Special thanks goes to family Reinikainen & Joona & Maija for letting me have these young dogs with me,
and keeping such a great care of them!

Also thanks to Anssi & Kati & Saana for a lovely trip!

C-litter excepted to born july-august 2013!

 Read more from puppies - page! 


8 & 30.6.2013 @ St. Petersburg, Russia INT - "Nike" - BBOB!

We received a great news from Russia.
Our english import Romwal With Love to Pet Pursuit "Nike" was on his first show at babyclass.
He did a great job with his co-owner Inna, and gained BOB-baby and lined up to best 8 at BIS-competition, among over 40 puppies!

"Normal bite. Nice breedtype, with strong body.
Little bit long format with good proportions and beautiful head. Good angulations.
Good stop on nice-shaped muzzle. Strong ears. Nice coat.
Nice and free movement. Excellent temperament."

- Judge: Y. Agafonova (Ukraine)
Thank you so much Inna for showing him up so nicely and congrats for the nice results for your boy!

8 & 9.6.2013 @ Lithuania 2 x NAT - our A-litter "Sony" & "Nala" gained great results!

We travelled to Palanga, Lithuania double national show with our A-litter's juniors.
Results were admiring and we get everything we wanted on that trip!

On saturday silkies judged by Irina Azen, Belarussia:
Pet Pursuit Alix Atlantis "Sony" - JBOB, JCAC, BOS! (photo down)
Pet Pursuit Amber Tan "Nala" - JBOS, JCAC and BF2! (photo up)

And sunday they flipped the results:
Pet Pursuit Alix Atlantis "Sony" - JBOS, JCAC, BOS!
Pet Pursuit Amber Tan "Nala" - JBOB, JCAC, BF2!

After this trip our loved "Sony" is now 

Pet Pursuit's first junior champion!

Huge congratulations to co-owners
Beate Brufors Sandnes, Norway (Sony)
Joona Timonen & Maija Kekkonen, Finland (Nala)

And thank you for trusting these little ones with me again!

Also special thanks to Jaana and Marika for a great trip!


8.6.2013 @ Letohallen speciality, Norway: "Beni" - BOS, CAC - NO CH!

My dear friend, co-owner of "Sony", Beate went to Letohallen terrier speciality show with our beloved silkymale
Romwal Chase the Dream "Beni" (father of our A-litter).

They did so well in there, and finished the results

Thank you so so much Beate for everything you have done to this boy!  

On the picture our "Lelu" 11 months old.

Meanwhile my good friend, breeder of Lelu, "Saana" took our "Lelu" (Tel Quessir Deluxe Déjà Vu) to Orivesi national show, Finland and she did really great in 17 silkies - BF4, R.CAC with supercritic!
Silkies judged by Marja Salminen, FIN.

Thank you Saana for taking care of our little princess!

25.5.2013 - "Dana" @ Reykjavik Winner - BOB, CAC, RW-13!

As our followers probably already know, our young star Ti La Shu On the Rocks "Dana"
lives now with co-ownership at Iceland with Diljá Þorgeirsdóttir.

Today was Dana's first official show after her move to new home. And how well she done:
EXC/1, CQ, CAC, BOB and Reykjavik Winner 2013!

Thank you so so much Diljá for keeping such a great care of her!
We are so proud of Diljá and Dana as this was their first show together!

"Nice head. Correct expression. Good eyes. Excellent neck. Correct front. A little flat tail. Good chest. Compact body. Could have a little more angulation in back. Moves very well. Very nice breed type. Nice temperament."

Tibetans judged by Bo Skalin, Sweden.

15-17.5.2013 - Trip to World Winner, Hungary with 2 silkyjuniors.

So, after the Hamina INT we getted ready for our trip to World Winner, which was held at Hungary this time. We had only two dogs on our own with us and i cannot complain about the results.

On wednesday was the first show, Budapest Grand Prix INT:
Pet Pursuit Alix Atlantis "Sony" - EXC/1, JCAC, JBOS, Hungarian Prime Junior!

...While our youngest one, Tel Quessir Deluxe Deja Vu "Lelu" collected the pot with

Next day was WDS, where our juniors got nice placements,
"Lelu" EXC/2, "Sony" EXC/3 (out of 10 junior males!). So happy we are!

On friday was Interra Winner - show, terrier speciality.
Tel Quessir Deluxe Deja Vu "Lelu" - JBOB, JCAC, HPJ and Interra Junior Winner 2013!
Pet Pursuit Alix Atlantis "Sony" - EXC/2.

It was so nice to see all our loved friends! Thank you for these days!

And... what would be Hungarian trip without souvenirs? 
I'm so proud to present newest member of our team:
Pet Pursuit Backstage Pass from Taste of Ambrosia

Thank you so so much for the breeder Eva Fuzeseri for this lovely boy!

He is now called as "Nasu". He lives at placement with family Reinikainen. All the best with him!

Read more about this "Nasu"... 

12.5.2013 @ Hamina INT - silkies "Lelu" & "Sony" with nice results.

Our youngsters were entered to Hamina Internatonal dogshow, Finland.
Again (surprise surprise) we had a judge changement.

9 silkies entered (7+2). First was our junior boy Pet Pursuit Alix Atlantis "Sony" who came to visit us on yesterday. He done it such a great way by ending up EXC/2, BM3 & R.CAC!
This was his first official show in Finland.
"Male with beautiful lines all over. Good head & expression. Little bit big ears.
Very well built in front. Excellent coat quality. Correct body for size and bones.

Mildly turning out front movement."
Then was our girlpower, first time at the ring with me, Tel Quessir Deluxe Déjà Vu "Lelu".
She started it so well and ended up BEST BITCH with CAC and finally BOS after a judge's hard wondering!

"Beautiful bitch with excellent breedtype. Most lovely head and expression.
Wonderful body. Very beautiful coat and texture.
Balanced, harmonic all over. Excellent movements. Full of joy of life. Excellent temperament."

Silkies judged by Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari, Finland. 
Now we are heading to the world winner on next week with this same pack!

Also we had a few new members for our team 11.5.2013

Silky Terrier - Romwal Maid of the Mountains "Krystal"
Silky Terrier - Romwal With Love to Pet Pursuit "Nike"

You will soon hear more from these ones... 

5.5.2013 @ Ålesund INT, Norway - Pet Pursuit Alix Atlantis BM2, CAC!

Our youngster Pet Pursuit Alix Atlantis "Sony" went to Ålesund international dogshow in Norway.

Sony achieved his 2nd CAC (both from INT shows) with BM2!

Sony and his co-owner Beate B. Sandnes did a great work again, i'm so proud of this couple!

"Excellent quality type. Stable and balanced. Excellent head and expression.
Excellent neck and topline. Good chest. Nice body for age.
Very well angulated. Very good coat and color. Very free and stable movements."

Many thanks to judge Svein Bjarne Helgesen, Norway for appreciating our young boy.  

22.4.2013 - B-litter has born! 1 male & 2 females!

Our beloved "Nemi" did a wonderful job and gave us 3 beautiful silkypuppies.

Litter is very smooth - weight difference between biggest and smalles was only 3 grams.
All the puppies and mother is doin' great!

More information you can find from puppies - page.

21.4.2013 @ Panevezys, Lithuania - again BOB & BOS at silkies!

This show was so hard for us to arrange, but after all everything went well! Or actually - more than well.
We had 3 silkies entered, and they all got what they needed:

Pet Pursuit Alix Atlantis "Sony" - JBOS, JCAC, BM1, BOS
Romwal Welsh Dragon "Benjy" - CAC, BM2 --> LT CH!
Tel Quessir Deluxe Déjà Vu "Lelu" - JBOB, JCAC, BF1, BOB

This was Lelu's first official show and now Sony have JCAC from every Baltic country, just needs to collect the last ones for JCH. Lelu also lined up at the group III!
I'm so happy and proud of this young man!
Romwal Welsh Dragon "Benjy" - fresh LT CH.
Romwal Welsh Dragon "Benjy" - fresh LT CH. Pic by Tiina Nerep.

Thank you so so much Noora & Tiina for arranging the trip and helping me while i'm waiting our silky B-litter to born at home!
Also Noora & Benjy went BIS 5 - junior handler, huge congrats!!!

Now Sony will leave back to Norway with his loved owner and we will head our targets on next month's shows... What a great weekend!

13.4.2013 @ Tallinn Winner - our silkyjuniors did a great job!

So, again heading off to Estonia.
This time was Tallinn Winnershow, 16 silkies entered (shown 5+9).
We have had a very bad luck with the shows lately
- we had again judge changement.
Still i think our juniors did such a great job.
Silky Terriers were judged by fresh allrounder Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari, Finland.

We had only our youngsters with us, since we do not have at the moment lots of dogs needing any CAC's or anything.

First our junior male Pet Pursuit Alix Atlantis "Sony" was EXC/2, got CQ and was BM3! Not bad from that group - and after all - he is still only 10 months old little boy.

Critics was following:
"Good size. Little bit long in body proportions. Lovely type of head. Well placed ears. Turned out front feet. Good body. Excellent coat texture. Well angulated behind. Showing well. Nice tail. Need stronger movement behind. Still very unstable front movement."

Then our little sweety "Nala" - Pet Pursuit Amber Tan - time to go to the ring, and she turned out her best by attracting the judge with her attitude.
She got so EXC/1 out of 3 junior bitches (she was the youngest one), CQ and earned Tallinn Junior Winner - title and her first JCAC!
Icing on the cake she ended up 4th best female (she was also youngest from females).

Nala's critic:
"10 months old. Lovely type. Correct proportions in body. Good expression. Enough long muzzle. Good neck. Front needs time to develope. Excellent body. Excellent coat texture. Little bit happy tail. Nice ears. Moves very well behind. Lovely temperament. Correct attitude of breed."

Also i shown these both silkies in brace competition and they went to
BEST OF BREED - brace / couple!

"Nice junior dogs. Lovely breedtypes. Good expressions. Well placed ears. Good bones & bodies. Adorable temperaments."

We didn't shown them in a main ring - too much for these youngsters for a one day.
Now our both ownbred silkies got a titles, and now just starting to catch the new ones...

31.3.2013 @ Latvia Winner - 3 winnertitles!

We headed off to Riga, Latvia International dogshow, which was winnershow of the year 2013.
We didn't really expected much, as we had a big competition in our both breeds silkies and TT's, but this time our dogs knocked us up in a big time!

14 silkies (8+6) entered, and our juniors did really well:
Pet Pursuit Alix Atlantis "Sony" - EXC/1, CQ, JCAC, BM4 and fresh Latvian Junior Winner 2013!
Pet Pursuit Amber Tan "Nala" EXC/2 with CQ - we are very happy for this as this was her first show ever!

Then was tibetan terrier's turn:
Our young german girl "Dana" started the by winning her class and getting her second junior winner - title!
We had also our Hungarian girl "Luna" with us - only for tryin' the winnertitle as she do not needs CAC's or CACIB's anymore... and she didn't let us down - in the end we had a following results:

Ti La Shu On the Rocks "Dana" - JBOB, JCAC, BF2, LVJW-13
As you Wish from Taste of Ambrosia "Luna" - BOB, CACIB, LVW-13

"Bit big in size. Powerful, harmoniously built. Very nice head. Very good topline and tailset.
Excellent angulations. Moves fluently."
- As you Wish from Taste of Ambrosia - BOB, CACIB, LVW-13

"Bit big in size. Powergul. Nice type. Nice head. Very nice topline and tailset. Very good chest and angulations. Lovely movements."
- Ti La Shu On the Rocks - JCAC, BF2, LVJW-13

"Good type. Very nice head. Good tailset. Very good chest and front. Very good angulations. Lovely movement."
- Pet Pursuit Alix Atlantis - JCAC, BM4, LVJW-13

Both breeds judged by Andrey Kislyakov, Belarus. Thank you for appreciating my dogs!
It couldn't go better! I'm so happy and proud of our youngsters, all dogs max. 2 years old.
I think we have a bright future in front of us.

Thank you all involved for this super weekend, pictures coming soon!

23.3.2013 @ Narva, Estonia NAT: "Sony" - JBOB, JCAC, BOB!

This time we travelled to Estonia with our young hope
Pet Pursuit Alix Atlantis "Sony".
This time no other dogs entered from us.

Sony made our day under the judge Viva-Maria Soleckyj-Spunar from Poland,
and mangled his way to BOB-junior with first JCAC and ended up BEST OF BREED again!

This was Sony's second official show and his second BOB - as last time he won his mother at Sweden 9.3.

"Lovely condition. Beautiful head. Wonderful character.
So pity frontlegs a bit outrich.
Excellent topline & construction. Classical structure of coat.
Completely balanced.

Movement mythical walkart full of harmony.
Back in the story very nice position of tail."

He is now 10 months old.
Special congratulations to Sony's owner Beate Brufors Sandnes!
Video from the show you can find from Pet Pursuit's FACEBOOK-page.

9.3.2013 @ Strängnäs, Sweden INT: we took BOB & BOS at silkies!

What a weekend... We travelled this time to Sweden, Strängnäs INT show.
This was our first time at Sweden with silky terriers, and it was a jackpot!

First our own bred junior male "Sony" (Pet Pursuit Alix Atlantis) started the ring by winning juniorclass with CQ.
He continued his all the way to BEST MALE with first CAC.
This was Sony's first official show!

Then was Nemi's turn (Curiosity Sensation Indeed). She attracted with her awesome attitude and was only bitch with CQ, and finally BEST BITCH with CAC and CACIB and closed

At the BOB-ring new generation rocked (as it should be!), and it ended up "Sony" BOB and "Nemi" BOS.
Son and the mother... Can it be better?


"Very nice bitch. Nice feminine head, with right attitude. Very good breedtype.
Lovely attitude in the ring. Very good tail. Correct proportions. Beautiful movements.
Not so much coat but of good quality."
Nemi - BOS, CAC, CACIB and closed SE & NORD CH

"Lovely Junior. Beautiful head. Right attitude. Good head. Correct proportions.
A little loose in front. Moves very well. Excellent coat quality.

Sony - BOB, CAC at his first official show

Thank you so so much judge Bo Skalin, SE/FI.

Special thanks to Beate B. Sandnes for keeping little Sony-boy in such a great condition!
Thanks to my dear friend Rannveig for showing Sony at the BOB-ring.
Videotape from the ring you can find from our FACEBOOK-pages!

3.3.2013 @ Estonia National: "Luna" - BOB, CAC --> 8th titles!

Weekend was not really successed as we hoped, but some silvering in this cloud...
Our young TT - As you Wish from Taste of Ambrosia "Luna" turned 2 years today, but she gave her birthdaygift for me!

We head off to Estonia national dogshow, and Luna putted up her best running BOB, CAC
and finished her FI & EE & LV & LT & BALT & RU & BY & SI CH and SI JCH!
...first and last time at the open class...

Thank you judge Anna Redlicka from Poland!

17.3.2013 - Luna's herding test with sheeps.

We just tried how she act with sheeps and does she have any inspiration of working with them.

We had 2 times - first we only tried to make her move (on the video) and second time we moved more and letted her go and do. Second time there was one sheep, which was very hard with other dogs, it just standed still and didn't move. But with Luna's authority that sheep followed me as well all the time. But it wasn't like that with all the other dogs which tried to keep them in one pack.

I think we will start a new hobby from this. Luna ejoyed, and she was very very tired after this.
Mental training is much more hard than corporeal training.

Our trainer was very happy about Luna's selfconfidence, and told to me that she could
be a working dog in herding if i just want - she have a lots of talent.
Trainer coached and adviced us all the time, and there was no harm or dangerous for these these experienced sheeps.

This was first time when i see or even hear that any tibetan terrier has been trained with sheeps, and this is USA-lined TT.
I'm very happy and proud for my girl, i knew she can make it! ♥

12 & 13.1.2013 - Showyear 2013 started from Slovenia!

Wow, what a way to start our showyear 2013...

We travelled all the long way to Ljubljana, Slovenia double INT, and it was all worth it:

Saturday - Ljubljana I - CACIB-show:
TT - As you Wish from Taste of Ambrosia "Luna" - BOB, CAC, CACIB

"Impressive, elegant. Wonderful head. Excellent body. Strong bones.

Well muzzle. Excellent topline & tailset.
Excellent coat. Grooming not overdone. Very well angulated. Top movement."
- under the judge Karin Bernardis, AU.

ST - Romwal Chase the Dream "Beni" - BOB, CAC, CACIB and closed Slovenian Champion!
Silkies judged by Olga Sinko Kupriynova, Slovenia

And Sunday - Ljubljana II - Winnershow was the same song...
"Luna" - BOB, CAC, CACIB --> fresh SIW-13 (judged by Annukka Paloheimo, FI)
"Beni" - BOB, CAC, CACIB --> also fresh SIW-13 (judged by Stefan Sinko, SI)

Also when we landed back to Finland, we done some health exams for our dogs again:
ST - Romwal Welsh Dragon "Benjy": eyes: CLEAR & knees: 0/0
ST - Curiosity Sensation Indeed "Nemi": eyes: CLEAR

More primehealthy dogs... Now we are ready for upcoming year, new breedingplans and wind of changes.

New year is started.

We hope all the best to all of our friends, co-workers and puppyowners!

Let's make this year unforgettable!