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Here you can find our news and result. To look one dog's results, go to that dog's own page.

Year 2012 is over.

Year 2012 is over... Now we will have our winterbreak, and we start to wait our new babies to born in start of the year 2013.

We have lots of plans for next year. We hope you all peaceful christmas and most best new year 2013 filled with lots of hopes.

Thank you all our friends for this year. This has been one more unforgettable year.

Pet Pursuit Alix Atlantis #1 silkypuppymale at Norway!

I got so great news from my Norwegian friend Beate Brufors:
Pet Pursuit Alix Atlantis "Sony" BEST PUPPYMALE AT NORWAY in silkies!

So proud of this couple, way to go! Next year official shows coming a head!

15 & 16.12.2012 @ ST. Petersburg, Russia INT: "Luna" & "Benjy" got very nice results!

Last shows on the year 2012...
We travelled to St. Petersburg, Russia with pack of dogs, and results were better than we even imagined!

Silkies were judged by the well known judge Lessi Tchistiakova, Russia
Silky Terrier - Romwal Welsh Dragon "Benjy" gained BOB, CAC, CACIB -> RKF & RUS CH and now also C.I.B!

Then on the afternoon our little young tibetan girl putted her best:
Tibetan Terrier - As you Wish from Taste of Ambrosia "Luna" - BOB, CAC, CACIB and is now RKF CH!

Borderterrier - Fehmarn First Sight - BOB, CAC, CACIB -> RUS & RKF CH (own. Hannele Virta, Tirtär)
Borderterrier - Tirtär Nightingale - BOS, CAC, CACIB -> RUS & RKF CH and also C.I.B! (own. Hannele Virta, Tirtär)

Silkies judged by Leni Finne, Finland
Silky Terrier - Romwal Welsh Dragon "Benjy" gained BOS, CAC, CACIB

Tibetans were under Lessi Tchistiakova, Russia, but our girl made it again:
Tibetan Terrier - As you Wish from Taste of Ambrosia "Luna" - BOB, CAC, CACIB

On second day borderterriers were different:
Borderterrier - Tirtär Missing Piece - BOB, CAC, CACIB and closed RUS & RKF CH and C.I.B!
This lovely boy is owned and loved by Kristiina & Jukka Ahti. Congrats!

Borderterrier - Tirtär Enchanting - BOS, CAC, CACIB and also closed RUS & RKF CH and C.I.B
She is owned by Hannele Virta, loved by everyone.

Thank you Kristiina, Jukka and Hannele for this lovely trip!

Special thanks to my dear friend Inna for the weekend, it was so pleasant to spend time with you.

08.12.2012 - "Luna" @ Helsinki Winner INT: BB2, CACIB + pack of other news!

Still a little bit year left...
08.12.2012 was Helsinki Winner International dogshow.
We had 39 tibetan terriers (22 bitches) entered.

Our young girls did very well under Ferenc Gröschl, Hungary:
As you Wish from Taste of Ambrosia "Luna" - BB2, CACIB, R.CAC over the huge champion class!
"Elegant. Excellent type. Correct teeth. Correct face. Excellent expression.
Correct front. Correct topline. Elegant movement. Excellent coat texture."

and our youngest fluffy girl Ti La Shu On the Rocks "Dana" - EXC/2, CQ out of 8 junior bitches.

Luna continued her day with our trusted junior handler Linda Ojala. They competed in Junior Handler Finnish champion part-competition on saturday. 115 young talented junior handlers entered, and they really made it - all their way to BEST IN SHOW junior handler and earned their ticket to Finals 9.12.2012 competiting from Finnish championship.

9.12.2012 Linda still wanted to compete with our "Luna". 20 winners from part competitions was there, and they mangled their way to the BEST IN SHOW 4 - junior handler! So she is now officially 4th best junior handler in Finland! Congratulations!

Also FKC confirmed Luna's health exams:
HD: A/A - ED: 0/0
We are so happy and proud for this!

10.11.2012 - Sony @ Orkdal puppyshow - BOS-puppy + excellent health exams for our other dogs!

Again and again and again only great news from Norway.
Our bred dog Pet Pursuit Alix Atlantis "Sony" won BM1 (out of 4 males) and ended up to BOS-puppy at Orkdal puppyshow, Norway!

Critic was pleasing:
"5 1/2 month old. Well developed for age. Well angulated front. Strong fixed back. Good cross and tail. well angulated behind. Good paws. Moves well from the side slightly loose in the front. Well kept, Good appeared. Great temperament."
- Trond Are Karlsen

Also our "Beni" at Junior Handler 11.11.2012 with Vilma Tanskanen: they placed #3 at PetExpo, Helsinki, FIN.

Way to go dears, congratulations Beate & Vilma!

On the same day we were at the vet, health exams for "Luna" and "Nemi", results made my day:
Nemi's knees: 0/0
Luna's eyes: CLEAR
Luna's knees: 0/0
Luna's elbows: seems to be 0/0
Luna's hips: seems to be A/A

Hips and elbows still waiting for final judgement from finnish kennel club, but after all they look very very good. So keeping our fingers crossed. Now couple week's showbreak and then we are on the road again!

* on the picture my dear friend Rannveig (kennel Silkwizard) and Sony.

20 & 21.10.2012 - Beni and Dana @ Estonia doubleshows.

We were on the road again, this time with my lovely friends Mari (kennel Senicitas minpins) and Pirjo. I had 2 dogs on my own with me, and results were very pleasing:

TT - Ti La Shu On the Rocks "Dana" - JBOB, JCAC, BOB
--> finished her EST & LV & LT & EST & BALT & BY JCH <--

ST - Romwal Chase the Dream "Beni" - BOB, CAC
--> finished his EST & FI & BALT CH <--

Only Dana was entered and she replied her results: JBOB and BOB!

Also our visitors were shown in their last shows in here:
Tawny Mist Wind Dancer Sven:
21.10.2012 - BOS, CAC --> EST & BALT CH
Paradise Passion the One to Keep:
20.10.2012 - BOS, CAC --> EST & BALT CH
21.10.2012 - BOB

Congratulations to owner and breeder kennel Paradise Passion (Iceland, Norway)

14.10.2012 - Benjy @ Hamar INT: BOS, CAC, CACIB + some news from Baltic countries.

I got great news from Norway.
My dear friend Rannveig (from Silkwizard, NO) showed our "Benjy" (Romwal Welsh Dragon) at Hamar International show. They did excellent job and went BOS, CAC, CACIB and closed NO & NORDIC champion!!! Thank you so much Rannveig for showing him so beautifully, i can't be more proud!

Also we were at Latvia and Lithuania on the same weekend with our young tibetan girl "Dana" (Ti La Shu On the Rocks). She did excellent. On saturday she was JBOB, JCAC, BF2 (out of 5 bitches) and sunday JBOB, JCAC, BOS! Also she was shortlisted in group finals on sunday!

We have had visitors from Norway (from kennel Paradise Passion).
They are now showed in 3 shows by us:

Tawny Mist Wind Dancer Sven:
6.10.2012 - Tuulos groupshow: EXC/1, CQ, BM2, R.CAC
13.10.2012 - Latvia national: BOB, CAC, BIG2 --> LV CH
14.10.2012 - Lithuania national: BOB, CAC, BIG3 --> LT CH

And Paradise Passion the One to Keep:
6.10.2012 - Tuulos groupshow: BOB, CAC --> FI CH
13.10.2012 - Latvia national: BOS, CAC --> LV CH
14.10.2012 - Lithuania national: BOS, CAC --> LT CH

30.9.2012 - Sony @ Trondheim puppyshow: BOB - BEST IN GROUP 3!

I could not be more proud of my first silkylitter.
Pet Pursuit Alix Atlantis "Sony" was shown in Norway, Trondheim puppyshow by Beate, his co-owner.

6 silkies were entered (4+2) and they did wonderful job together and went their way to
and way to finish their day makes me almost cry
Left BOS: Dali's My Love is Your Love - Right BOB: Pet Pursuit Alix Atlantis
Left BOS: Dali's My Love is Your Love - Right BOB: Pet Pursuit Alix Atlantis

Critic was also very nice:
"4 months old male. Correct bite. Both testicles.
Good front for age. Correct ears. Correctly carried tail.
Good coat and color for age. Standing a little French on the frontfeet today.
Moves very well from all sides."

Ann Kristin Leirvik, NO

I'm so proud and happy for Beate & little Sony! Way to go, you will have a wonderful future together!

16.9.2012 - A-litter had first unofficial shows!

Pet Pursuit A-litter had shows on this weekend. They are so young, that shows were unofficial of course, but results were very pleasing:

Pet Pursuit Amber Tan "Nala" at Finland, Helsinki: BIG2!
Pet Pursuit Alix Atlantis "Sony" at Norway: placed #2!

Sony's critic from weekend:
"4 months, excellent type, fine proportions in head, beautiful eyes, nice ears, angled shoulders, nice depth of chest for age, ok angle behind, nice tail setting, good feet, moves fine from all quarters., Slightly cramped in the front section today and promising coat and color, pleasant temperament, very well shown up."

Thank you Beate for showing him up, we are very proud of you two!

Also congrats to Joona & Maija for Nala's great achievement and that i could show her, she's so happy little girl!

And this is where the story began...

8 & 9.9.2012 - Nemi & Dana @ Estonia shows

And so we were on the road again. This time at Estonia.
On saturday was national show at Luige. Tibetan terriers were judged by Zidy Munsterhielm-Ehnberg from FIN. My youngest member Ti La Shu On the Rocks "Dana" did really nice, and mangled her all the way to JBOB, JCAC and finally BEST OF BREED! She's only 9 months old. Critic was pleasing as well:
"Very nice young bitch with superhappy temperament. Beautiful movements.Beautiful head with excellent eyes, Good bite. Excellent angulations. Good chest. Excellent tail. Very promising coat. Outstanding topline. Very nice quality."

Silkies judged by Saija Juutilainen, FIN. My treasure Curiosity Sensation Indeed "Nemi" did great, and finished her EST & BALT CH! Just 3,5 months after her first litter. Critic made me so happy:
"3 years. Feminine young bitch. Nice body in excellent condition. Excellent angulations, body & feet. Feminine head. Bit round eyes. Nice thin ears. Correct bite. Bit low tailset. Nice & straight very active mover. Nice colours. Moves very well."

On sunday was a groupshow to groups 2 & 9, so silkies were not showed.
Dana did great again, and replied her JBOB, JCAC and BOB! This time under the judge Saija Juutilainen, FIN. Critic was again very very nice:
"9 months. Beautiful size. Lovely square outlines. Excellent angulations. Correct bones. Nice big feet. Promising body. Lovely long hindquarters. Beautiful tail. Feminine head. Nice dark eyes. Strong bite. Very promising coat. Lovely active temperament. Of course needs time to develope. Very beautiful movement. Good drive."

Also Dana was first time in her life at Junior Handler - competition with my dearest friend Linda. They did so nice, and really sparkled with each others! Both girls putted their best, and went all the way to BEST IN SHOW Junior Handler! So proud of you Linda!

25 & 26.8.2012 - Our pack @ Minsk, Belarus

We had an very nice trip to Minsk, Belarus double INT. It's almost our tradition show, has been there so many times. Results were very nice to our dogs:

Tibetan terriers:
As you Wish from Taste of Ambrosia "Luna": saturday: CAC, BF4, sunday: JBOB, JCAC, BOS --> BY JCH!
Ti La Shu On the Rocks "Dana": entered only to saturday: JBOB, JCAC, BF2 - gained her first title BYJW-12!

Silkies rocked Belarus down:
Romwal Chase the Dream "Beni": both days BOB, CAC, CACIB --> closed BYW-12, BY & LV & LT CH!
and our visitor from Norway, Bombix Moren Ad Silkwizard: BOS, CAC, CACIB --> closed BYW-12, BY & LV & LT & NO CH!

Beni's another critic (another is in russian, waiting for translating):
"Excellent type. A head in correct lines. Correct legs. Nice neck. Strong topline.
Correct set tail. Good angulations front and rear. Nice in movement. Excellent temperament."
- Kornelija Butrimova, Lithuania

11.8.2012 - Luna @ Helsinki, Finland: BOS, CAC

Luna was entered to Finnish show, Helsinki national all breed show.
We had an judge changement, but I decided to go there anyway - and it was really worth it!
Luna did awesome job under the judge Harry Tast, FIN and gained BOS, CAC out of 13 bitches, omg! All in all 18 tibetan terriers entered, only 8 CQ's shared. So i'm so very proud of my young girl!
Mr. Tast was so happy about Luna's temperament, and was glad that she was still perfectly coached by her owner,
so i can smile next time while i'm looking on the mirror.

Critic, free translate:
"16 months. Excellent type. Outstanding topline. Expressive feminine head. Strong bite. Could have a bit stronger bones. Good paws. Beautiful coat & quality. Free, easy & powerful movements. Much temperament but behaving excellent."
BOB in this show was our speciality BIS-winning TT, so we were fine to take 2nd place, congrats to "Väinö's" owners!

Both puppies from A-litter has moved to their loving homes!

Our A-litter's puppies has moved to their homes.
Girl, Pet Pursuit Amber Tan "Nala" moved to Vantaa, near by us to J. Timonen & M. Kekkonen.
This little girl is co-owned by me and new family, and she will be seen at the shows in future.
Boy, Pet Pursuit Alix Atlantis as called as "Sony" moved to Norway with B. Sandnes.
This little handsome boy is co-owned by us, and as you can imagine - will be shown as well.
I wish all the best for both of these puppies and their new homes!

3-5.8.2012 - show-weekend in Baltic Countries and news from Sweden!

We had an amazing weekend, even nicer than the results but we are very satisfied for this.
We had this time only 4 dogs with us. We headed to Druskininkai, Lithuania double INT and continued our way to Pärnu INT, Estonia. So triple show in one weekend.
On friday was Crufts qualification show at Lithuania:
Tibetan Terrier - As you Wish from Taste of Ambrosia "Luna" - BB2, R.CACIB
Silky Terrier - Romwal Chase the Dream "Beni" - BOB, CAC, CACIB and lined up to best 6 at the group!
and my friend's dogs Tirtär Quiet Forest "Lotte" EXC/1 with CAC and Sini-Minin Mocca EXC/3.
Saturday's results from Druskininkai:
Silky Terrier - Romwal Chase the Dream "Beni" - BM2, CAC, R.CACIB
German Pinscher - Sini-Minin Mocca "Dina" - BOS, CAC, CACIB
other dogs needed to satisfied to Very Good.
On sunday we were at Pärnu INT, Estonia:
German Pinscher Sini-Minin Mocca "Dina" - BB2, R.CACIB
As you Wish from Taste of Ambrosia - BOS, CACIB
Borderterrier - Tirtär Quiet Forest - BB2, CAC, R.CACIB
Beni got EXC on sunday, but i did not have time to take him to the best male - ring.
Soo... here we go - Beni's and Luna's first CACIB's are now on their account, and we can start to wait the needed one year between first and last.
Meanwhile i heard some excellent news from my dear friend Rannveig Johnsson.
She showed my silkyboy Romwal Welsh Dragon "Benjy" at Östersund, Svendstavik INT show and gained to him BOS, CAC, CACIB and closed SE CH!!!
Thank you so so much honey for taking such a good care of him!

21 & 22.7.2012 @ Latvia & Lithuania: super success!

We had a very nice trip to Latvia, Jaunmarupe and Lithuania, Ukmerge doubleshow.
Weather was not that good, but results were even better.
Beni putted icing on the cake on this trip, he finished our weekend with best possible way by winning BEST IN GROUP!
Saturday's results from Jaunmarupe, LV:
Tibetan terrier - As you Wish from Taste of Ambrosia "Luna" (own. Pet Pursuit) - BOB, CAC
Silky terrier - Bombix Moren Ad Silkwizard "Fixi" (own. Silkwizard) - BOS, CAC
Silky terrier - Romwal Chase the Dream "Beni" (own. Pet Pursuit & breeder) - BOB, CAC
Bearded Collie - Wanderlust Estelle "Tellu" (own. Wanderlust) - BOB, CAC, BIG4
German Pinscher - Ference Azizia Fabel "Fella" (own. Ference) - BF2, JCAC --> closed LV JCH
Miniature Pinscher - A'Dreams Black Orianna "Ruu" (own. Ference) - BOB, JCAC --> closed LV & BALT JCH
Great Dane - Luch Nadezhdy Birti "Taiga" (own. Grazy Danes) - BOB, JCAC, BIG4
Borderterrier - Tirtär Protector "Jussi" (own. Satu Schöneman) - BOB, CAC, BIG4 --> closed LV CH
Borderterrier - Tirtär Enchanting "Taika" (own. Tirtär) - BOS, CAC --> closed LV & BALT CH
Also silkies "Beni" & "Fixi" were BIS4 - couple!
Professionaly handled by young talented girl, Linda Ojala.
I have honour to handle one mastiff Rumblerush's Rosy Dream (own. Slobberelfs) BOS, CAC & bullmastiff Bullsaint's Elivagar Esja (own. Bulldromes) BOB, JCAC. Congrats to owners and breeders!
Sunday's results from Ukmerge, LT:
Tibetan terrier - As you Wish from Taste of Ambrosia "Luna" (own. Pet Pursuit) - BOB, CAC
Silky terrier - Bombix Moren Ad Silkwizard "Fixi" (own. Silkwizard) - BOS, CAC
Silky terrier - Romwal Chase the Dream "Beni" (own. Pet Pursuit & breeder) - BOB, CAC, BIG1
German Pinscher - Ference Azizia Fabel "Fella" (own. Ference) - BOB, JCAC --> closed LT & BALT JCH
Great Dane - Luch Nadezhdy Birti "Taiga" (own. Grazy Danes) - JBOB, JCAC, BF2
Borderterrier - Tirtär Protector "Jussi" (own. Satu Schöneman) - BOB, CAC --> closed LT & BALT CH
Borderterrier - Tirtär Enchanting "Taika" (own. Tirtär) - VBOB, BOS, VCAC --> LT VCH

Thank you so so much Linda and Anssi for helping and handling during the trip!

14 & 15.7.2012 - Beni @ Finland national & groupshow: 2 x CAC!

"Beni" (Romwal Chase the Dream) was entered 2 shows on this weekend.
First saturday at Forssa national show (6 entries) - he went to BM3, with CAC! This was his 3th show in Finland, and 3th CAC! He has also pleasing critic from our terrierjudge Juha Palosaari, FIN.
Sunday Beni was at the Lammi groupshow (7 entries) where he did even better: he won the males and ended up BOS and gained his 4th CAC from 4th show in Finland! Again with terrierjudge Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki, FIN.
I'm so very proud of him! Next weekend doublenational at overseas... Let's see how our dogs are doin' there.
Beni a "bit wet" at the Lammi groupshow.
BOB ended up BIG1 and BIS (right) BM Miss Miracle (owned and handled by Saana Telkkälä, Tel Quessir).

01.07.2012 - Benjy @ Norway, speciality: BOS, CAC !

"Benjy" (Romwal Welsh Dragon) was shown in Norway, silky terrier speciality show.
A bit hot days, but Benjy still tried to put up his best!
He did it even better and gained BOS, CAC.
Last day 30.6 at Trondheim, Norway INT he was BM2 with R.CAC & R.CACIB!
Thank you so so much Rannveig (from Ad Silkwizard) for showing and caring him so well!
I'm so proud of you two!

30.6 & 1.7 @ Estonia national double - Beni BOB and Luna 2 x BOB!

We had a nice weekend at Estonia, Viimsi doubleshow. All our dogs putted up their best, even it was so hot weekend.

Luna competite first time in Intermediate class, and this was Beni's fourth show ever!
Results can talk more:

On Saturday:
Tibetan terrier - As you Wish from Taste of Ambrosia "Luna" (own. Pet Pursuit) - BOB, CAC
Silky terrier - Romwal Chase the Dream "Beni" (own. Pet Pursuit) - BM2, CAC
Great Dane - Luch Nadezhdy Birti "Taiga" (own. Grazy Danes) - JBOB, JCAC, BOB
German Pinscher - Ference Azizia Fabel "Fella" (own. Ference) - JBOB, JCAC, BOB
Borderterrier - Tirtär Enchanting "Taika" (own. Tirtär- BOB, CAC --> EST CH!
Miniature Pinscher - A'Dreams Black Orianna "Ruu" (own. Ference- BF2

On Sunday
Tibetan terrier - As you Wish from Taste of Ambrosia "Luna" (own. Pet Pursuit) - BOB, CAC
Silky terrier - Romwal Chase the Dream "Beni" (own. Pet Pursuit) - BOB, CAC
Great Dane - Luch Nadezhdy Birti "Taiga" (own. Grazy Danes) - JBOB, JCAC, BOB
German Pinscher - Ference Azizia Fabel "Fella" (own. Ference) - JBOB, JCAC, BOB - EST JCH!
Borderterrier - Tirtär Enchanting "Taika" (own. Tirtär- VBOB, BOB, VCACBIS4-VET --> EST VCH!
Miniature Pinscher - A'Dreams Black Orianna "Ruu" (own. Ference- BOB, CAC
Silkies sunday judged by Monica Blaha, Austria.
Silkies judged on sunday Monika Blaha, Austria.
"Good size & substance. Excellent head. Good proportions. Well angulated. Very nice coat."

TT's judged on saturday by Rajic Branislav, Slovenia.
"16 months well balanced. Excellent coat & colour. Very sound movement. Excellent head. Correct ribcage. Excellent topline.
Excellent angulations & tail. Parallel feet. Strong bones. Very-very good extremely high quality."
- Mr. Branislav, Slovenia

TT's judged on sunday Lessi Tchistiakova, Russia.
"Very typical 15 months old. Correct size. Exellent bone & substance. Lovely head & expression.
Bit flat in back. Good tail. Free movement."

23 & 24.6.2012 - Luna @ Russia double INT: RKFW-12 & RUS JCH!

So, Luna was on the trip with my dear friend Sonja (kennel Sonza's) at Russia, St. Petersburg double INT.

Luna did excellent, she went both days JBOB, JCAC and BF2 losing only to a champ bitch. So she closed her Russian junior champion and RKFW-12 - titles and have now 10 titles age 15 months! We are so proud of her!

Thank you a lot Sonja for handling and taking care of my sweety!

So... Luna's juniortitles are almost at the end... We try to have one more, and then she will end her juniorcareer.

Thanks to judges Mrs. Kornelija Butrimova & Mr. Revaz R. Khomasuridze.

27.5.2012 - Beni @ Järvenpää all breed: BOB, CAC!

We are so proud of our young silkyboy "Beni" - Romwal Chase the Dream.

He was at his second official show ever, and got second BEST OF BREED with CAC, weekends on the row!!!

‎"Stunning very compact all over. Excellent topline. Beautiful tail. Long neck. Good bones. Good balanced angulations. Good lenght of head. Middlebrown eyes. Strong chin. Balanced movements. Beautiful coat and color. Very nice presentation."

He was also shortlisted in groups!

Thanks to our judge Päivi Eerola, Finland.

19.5.2012 - Beni @ Somero groupshow: BOB, CAC

Our young promise Romwal Chase the Dream "Beni" started his official showcareer now, approx 19 months old. I must to admit that he had a such of great way to start it from Somero groupshow:
Critic was a such admiring:
"Excellent type and proportions. Beautiful head. Eyes could be a bit darker. Very beautiful cared coat with right quality. Good body. Exc. Angulations front rear. Excellent mover. Very nice temperament. Beautifully presented."
- Judge Marja Salminen, FIN
Also Grazy Danes' great danes did excellent:
First i handled GD's russian dream Luch Nadezhdy Birti "Taiga" EXC/1, and then continued the day with Grazy Danes Petronella "Nella" who got EXC/1, CQ, BF1, CAC and BOS! I'm superproud!
What a great day!

17.5.2012 - Dana @ Helsinki puppyshow, FIN - BOB-puppy!

Ti La Shu On the Rocks "Dana" was showed in Helsinki puppyshow. 6 tibetan terrier puppies entried, and Dana was the youngest one, and as expected - only sable. 1 male, 5 females entered.

Dana did excellent, and showed her best all the among the results Best of Breed!

BOS (left): Ajannan Aa Lia - BOB (right) Ti La Shu On the Rocks

Critic was very nice for this young lady (free translate):
Beautiful lined, very promising puppygirl all over. Excellent angulations.
Expressive head. Beautiful topline and head. Long hind legs.
Good bones, chest still a bit low. Promising lenght of steps.
Very promising coat quality. Attractive outline.
- Päivi Eerola, FIN
Same day at the Somerniemi unofficial show: Grazy Danes's owned young girl
Luch Nadezhdy Birti won BIG1 and BEST IN SHOW! Congrats Anssi & breeder Kate Ivanova!

12.5.2012 - Luna @ Tampere INT, FIN

As you Wish from Taste of Ambrosia "Luna" was showed at Tampere International dogshow.

19 tibetan terriers were judged by honoured man Frank Kane from Great Britain. Luna did excellent again. She was only junior who got CQ, won her class out of 3 junior bitches, and got R.CAC!

Critic was nice and i'm very proud of this young girl. Next time she will be showed at Estonia Winner in a couple weeks.

22.4.2012 - Beni started his showcareer at unofficial show, Vantaa FIN

Romwal Chase the Dream "Beni" started his showcareer at unofficial show, which was held at Vantaa, Finland.

He really did it with style, second show in his life, first after 6 months old:


Wow, i'm really proud of him! Thanks to judges
Pirjo Laakkonen (BIG), Pasi Apajaltahti, Päivi Uurtola-Kahri, Soile Perjus & Mirva Saarelma (BIS)

Thank you Tony, Minna, Nicke and Joni for a lovely day and congrats to Aida's (belgian shepherd Archeye's Bohemian Beauty) BIG3!

Also thanks to Romayne Freer (kennel Romwal) for trusting this boy on my hands!

We are expecting silkypuppies.

We are expecting silkypuppies to born middle of may 2012.

Litter will be out of
Curiosity Sensation Indeed
Romwal Chase the Dream

Both parents have clear eye-exams, and both have prime mentals.

More information and details from puppies - page.

26.3.2012 - My loved friend is gone.

"Free". Go now my loved friend, the second command will no longer come...

14 & 17.03.2012 - Luna @ Latvia Winner: JBOB, JCAC & BOB!

What a day... Our young hope As you Wish from Taste of Ambrosia "Luna" was at Latvia Winnershow, which was held on Riga, Latvia.

Luna did great and went JBOB, JCAC and finally mangle her way to BEST OF BREED!
What's the best: she closed her LV & EST JCH - titles and gained LVJW-12 - title! WOW! I'm proud!
I'm so happy that Evi & Zsolt (Taste of Ambrosia) trusted this little girl on my hands.

TT's were judged by Anna Redlicka, Poland.

Here's couple more pics which we took on our way to Finland:

10.03.2012 - Our juniors conquered Lithuania!

We had a very nice trip to Lithuania, Vilnius. We have most of junior dogs with us this time.

Our young hope, As you Wish from Taste of Ambrosia "Luna" - JBOB, JCAC & same time she closed her LT & EST JCH - titles and gained Lithuanian Junior Winner 2012!
"Square feminine bitch. Lovely size. Well balanced when standing and moving.
Good feminine head. Need to fill in a body. Excellent topline and tail. Lovely profile.
Little close coming and going."
Under the judge Steven Seymour, Australia.

Also we had a passenger from Grazy Danes - kennel. This little girl is imported from Russia, lined to Grazy Danes's own export GD Flash Of Hope. This little girl is Luch Nadezhdy Birti, as called as "Taiga".
Great danes criticed by Waldemar Mrowiec from Poland. This little girl done EXCELLENT, just turned 9 months and went to Best Junior in Breed and gained LT JCAC and LTJW-12 - title! I'm so proud of her!
"Medium-sized bitch. Very good proportions. Very Beautiful outstand, Complete bite.
Very nice deep chest, Excellent condition. Excellent presentation."

And... our rest company:
Borderterrier - Irade's Just-Toy - own. Elisa Grahn - VBOB, VCAC - LTVW-12
Borderterrier - Tirtär Nightingale - own. Kaisu Vuokko - BOS, CAC, CACIB - LTW-12
Borderterrier - Tirtär Protector - own. Satu Schöneman - BM2, CAC, (R.) CACIB
Miniature Pinscher - A'Dreams Black Orianna - own. kennel Ference - JBOS, JCAC - LTJW-12
Congrats to owners!

14 & 15.1.2012 - Luna & Nemi @ Slovenia INT + Winner 2012 - my both girls got winnertitles!

And the story continues all the way...

On saturday was INT show. Luna was handled by her breeder Zsolt Hanó.
That couple makes it really nice - Luna JBOB, JCAC and BEST OF BREED!
Her second INT show BOB and she's only 10 months... TT's judged by Igor Selimovic, Hungary.

Nemi did nicely too under the judge Darko Korosec from Slovenia. Nemi really stole his heart.
Nemi BOB, CAC, CACIB and closed SI CH & C.I.B (International Champion!!!). Only 2,5 years old!

(translated by show comittee):
A true first impression. Beautiful color coat over a great body.
Correct proportions. Perfect size, which is very rare. A clear feminine type. captivating movements.
Incredible show attitude. Eye-catching movement.

Next day was winnershow. Luna continued her success with Zsolt, JBOB, JCAC, BF2 & Slovenia Junior Winner 2012!
Second day judged by Miroslav Redlicki from Poland.
Thank you so so much Zsolt for handling my little one such a beautifully.

Nemi was criticed by Maria Luise Doppelraiter from Australia - BOB, CAC, CACIB & Slovenia Winner 2012!

8 & 9.1.2012 - Luna @ Vaimastvere doublegroup - BOB, 2 x JCAC, 2 x JBOB, BF2!

What a great way to start year...

Luna done nicely EST doubleshow: first day EXC/1, JCAC, JBOB, BF2 under the judge Natalja Sedykh, RUS.
Second day she done even better JBOB, JCAC and finally BEST OF BREED under the judge Inese Pablaka, LV!

Now she need only one jcac to have her first junior champion.

"Excellent type. Very compact. Good size.
Very beautiful head. Excellent bite. Elegant neck.
Good proportions & lenght of body.
I would like to have better frontangulations, excellent rearangulations.
Very beautiful movement, but bit narrow from back because of age.
Excellent coat & temperament."
(translated by Show Comittee)

Thank you Vikki for a very nice trip!

Pics by Vikki Tenhovuori