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Here you can find our news and result. To look one dog's results, go to that dog's own page.

Merry christmas & Happy New Year 2012!

It's time to end this year again. We gather strength for future years, which we expect a lot. Thank you to all concerned for the past year, conversations, surprises, congratulations, and compassion. With you all this is much better!

17 & 18.12.2011 - Luna & Nemi @ Vilnius INT - 2 x JBOB, JCAC, 2 x BF2, CAC, R.CACIB & Luna's first BOB!

What a trip at Lithuania, Vilnius International doubleshow... We had 6 dogs with us, and results were pleasing after all. Little bit disappointed that Nemi does not get her last CACIB, but maybe next time.

On saturday all dogs were at the ring:
Tibetan terrier - As you Wish from Taste of Ambrosia - JBOB, JCAC and BEST OF BREED!

Under the judge Kenneth Edh from Sweden. Critic was pleasing, and girl really putted her best.

"Very nice size & proportions. Feminine head. Nice expression. Excellent neck & topline. Good angulations. Very good bones. Nice body for age. Typical coat. Very good mover with nice drive"
Also Luna was shortlisted at the huge BIS-junior - ring. I'm so proud of my princess!

My other princess does not do so fine, but ok after all: both days BF2, CAC, R.CACIB. Still waiting the right time.

Also i showed a couple other dogs:
Miniature Pinscher
A'Dreams Black Orianna - JBOB, JCAC, BF3 (owned by Kennel Ference)
Miniature Pinscher
Senicitas Chungking Express - BOS, CAC, CACIB (owned by Pia Pakkanen)
Ethna Bullcastle's WindIzMiraAntallis - BF2, CAC, R.CACIB (owned by Kennel Bulldromes)

And then... the second day. Does not went so good after all, but pretty nice anyway.
My TT As you Wish from Taste of Ambrosia "Luna" went JCAC, JBOB under the Brigita Kremser from Slovenia.
(Excellent size & type. Very Well presentation. Typical head. Correct eyes & ears. Very nice topline. Correct chest deep. Forechest need to develope. Excellent angulations. Moves very good drive.)

Curiosity Sensation Indeed "Nemi" replied her results with BF2, CAC, R.CACIB (judge changed).

Also some other dogs:
Not so planned - Terrier Brasileiro
Wilhelmiinan Pölhö-Kustaa - BOB, CAC, CACIB (owned by Anu Paarlahti)

Borderterrier Tirtär Enchanting (owned by breeder Hannele Virta) went BOB, CAC, CACIB and went shortlisted best 6 at the 3-group!

Thank you Rea for the very nice trip, and all involved!

30.10.2011 - Luna @ Lahti puppyshow - BEST OF BREED!

Luna still continues her success!

This time tibetan terriers was judged by a honoured finnish judge Elina Haapaniemi, Finland.

"7 months old black with white marks. Lively bitch-puppy. Excellent proportions and good carriage. Good shape of head. Dark eyes. Correct bite. Good neck & topline. Little bit straight in front. Good rear angulations. Good tail. Body will develope good with time. Excellent movements."

Same time another side of Europe Luna's father take again another r. BIS!
Gratulations to Picasso and his owners as well!

8.10 & 9.10.2011 - Luna @ Latvia & Lithuania nat's - BEST OF BREED!

We had very nice trip to the Latvia and Lithuania. We packed 6 dogs in our car and destination was Riga, Latvia. The first show was held on Latvia, Valmiera.

Luna did well this day, and got excellent critic from the lhasabreeder Jasna Matejcic from Croatia:
"Very nice puppy. Fantastic size & proportions. Typical head & bite. Good angulations front & rear.
Excellent topline. Such a nice mover. Need to develope."
Also she said that girl have very nice show-attitude!
With this critic she earned mention "Very promising", got promotion prize & BEST OF BREED-puppy!

Also other dogs done well:
Borderterrier Irade's Just-Toy (own. Elisa Grahn) - EXC/1, VCAC, VBOB, BOB
Bullmastiff Bullcastle's Night Queen (own. Marinka Ashworth)- EXC/1, JCAC, JBOB, BF2
Miniature Pinscher A'dreams Black Orianna (own. kennel Ference) - VP/1, PP, BOB-puppy

Later on on the next day we were at Lithuania, Siauliai show.
Luna still continued her winning and got VP/1, PP, and BEST OF BREED. Also she was shortlisted in best 8 at BIS-ring.
"Excellent type. Up to size. Slightly longer ???. Excellent neck. Could have a bit deeper forechest.
Very Well sprung ribs. Presented in fantastic condition."
Critic was wroted by Linda Volarikova, Slovakia.

Also another dogs with us did well again:
Borderterrier Irade's Just-Toy - EXC/1, VCAC, VBOB, BOS, BIS4-vet
Miniature Doxie (longhaired) Zerekin Cream & Sugar - EXC/1, JCAC, JBOB, BOB
Miniature Pinscer A'dreams Black Orianna - VP/1, PP, BOB-puppy

So... Nice trip. Can't wait that Luna can start her junior-career. Thank you Éva Füzeséri & Hanó Zsolt, kennel Taste of Ambrosia, Hungary from this amazing little girl!

24.9.2011 - Luna @ Hämeenlinna puppyshow - BEST OF BREED!

Our young talent As you Wish from Taste of Ambrosia "Luna" continued her success. This time at Hämeenlinna puppyshow.
TT's was judged by Juha Putkonen, Finland.

He said that Luna is extremely promising puppy, and he waits to see that girl moving without slipping floor, he's sure that the girl will move like a dream!

Critic (free translate):
"6 months. Excellent type, size and bodyproportions. Promising head, great ears. Good bite. Middle-brown eyes. Good neck. Great good chest for age. Balanced angulations. Excellent long backlegs. Good coat in excellent condition. Good tail. Moves excellent, but little bit reckless from front cause an age. Lovely temperament."

Results was Luna's third BOB, and PP 4/4. Nice!

Next show we have outside of Finland, Luna takes a trip with us to Latvia and Lithuania in start of the next month.

17.9.2011 & 18.9.2011 @ Turku & Lohja puppyshows - BOS & BOB!

I'm so proud again... No need to tell i think, i'm always when it's about my ladies... Luna was criticed by honoured TT-breeder Pirjo Aaltonen, Finland. There was 6 TT's entried (3+3). Luna did so fine, and earned her 1st place. So she won the bitches, got PP and in the end BOS-puppy. BOB-puppy was very nice male, i look forward what's coming up from this little one too.

I recognize my girl from the critic:
(free translate)
Free translate: "Typical proportioned, still light- and narrowbodied bitch. Excellent lenght & strength of head. Good pigmentation. Typical expression. Excellent topline & tail. Could be better angulated in front, good rearangluations. Good movements from side and back, from front still little bit reckless." - Judge Pirjo Aaltonen, Finland

On sunday we were at Lohja puppyshow. There TT's was judged under Kati Kilpeläinen, Finland.
Luna made excellent again: VP/1, PP and Best of Breed! Excellent my lady! I'm so happy!

Critic was also nice (free translate):
"Bitch with square body, but today narrow all over. Correct bones for her size. Good headproportions & head expression. Good neck. Good croup & tailset. Good angulations. Big paws. Moves with good reach & drive. Beautiful coat coming. Good temperament."

20.8.2011 @ Kouvola all breed - Nemi take her 18th BEST OF BREED!

I'm over the moon, my girls won BOB's after anothers. Now was Nemi's turn.

Nemi was criticed under the tight terrierjudge Pirjo Hjelm, Finland. Nemi was only silky who got CQ, and so she earned Best of Breed! That was 18th on the numbers, if i'm still on count.

Also my special girl Linda Ojala was JH#5 with Nemi, 20 entries. I'm proud of you two, great job!

Also i handled many breeds on that day: two bullmastiffs, tosa inu, mastiff, borderterrier and of course my own silkygirl.

Nemi's critic (free translate):
"Very feminine, little bit puppylike. Correct proportions. Nice expressioned, feminine head. Good bite. Dark eyes. Well set ears. Nice neck & topline. Good angulations. Nice lenght of the body. Powerful movements. She will have a beautiful coat.

Thank you Heli (+kids), Timo, Lennu, Linda, Marinka, Rea & Hanna for this wonderful special day! I'm very happy to meet you all and have so nice day with you all!

14.8.2011 @ Helsinki Puppyshow - Luna's first show - VP, PP & BEST OF BREED!

Huh, my girls are amazing. Luna's first puppyshow was held at Helsinki. Only after a week Luna was turned 5 months.
All my things and doubts and panics was silly - girl put her best and mangle her way to BEST OF BREED.
Critic was very pleasing to read:
"Very nice square body. Excellent head & expression. Very nice topline & angulations. Excellent movement, coat & presentation."
Thank you Éva & Hanó for this supergirl, and special thanks to our judge Jakub Kruczek from Poland.
Best possible start to our showcareer... Can't wait Luna's next show.

Also i handled one beautiful bullmastiff Bullcastle's Night Queen "Maggie" to PP & BOS (only bitch out of 3 who get PP). Gratulations to owners!

23.7.2011 @ Eukanuba Summer Show Helsinki Int, Finland - EXC, CQ, BF2

Wow, what a weekend. Nemi was entried on saturday to Eukanuba Summer Show, Finland. There was 5 females entried, only 2 got CQ under the judge Arne Foss. Judge fall in love with Nemi, and said that when she's ready, she win everything! Winner was older bitch. Critic was excellent as well:
"Very feminine. Nice size and type. Very well protortions on head. Correct bite. Nice ears and expression. Good neck, nice topline. Pleasing angulations behind. Moves well. A bit out of coat but nice texture. Very sweet temperament. Very well presented"

I'm more than proud of my girl time after time. Unfinished coat, and still wins more-coated dogs.

On sunday i travel to Tornio (750km from Helsinki) to show two silkies. Nemi's sister Curiosity Sensational Lady went BOB, CACIB and shortlisted to best 6 at the group, and another silky with me Curiosity Luxury Affair BOS, CAC, CACIB and closed his FI CH-title. Nice! Gratulations to owners (Anu Tuomi (C. Luxury Affair) & Mirka Mantere (C. Sensational Lady) and breeders (kennel Curiosity), and thanks to Viivi for tripcompany. Special thanks to northern silkypeople for this wonderful day! It was so nice to see you all!
Next weekend Estonia doubleshow - let's see what happens.

17.7.2011 @ Pöytyä all breed, Finland - BOB & CAC

Nice day at Pöytyä all breed dogshow. Nemi (Curiosity Sensation Indeed) putted her best again and win her 17th BOB gets her 23th CAC.

Critic was good as well (free translate):
Well balanced. Excellent size & bones. Clearly fem. type. Beautiful expressioned head. Strong topline. Muscless shape. Promising coat texture. Excellent colours. Powerful movements. Beautifully presented.

Also our young handler Linda at junior handler with young silkymale Croyance Sponsor by Curiosity BIS-junior handler, and borderterrier "Blondi" (Irade's Just-Toy) with us, VBOB, BF3. Only 5/17 borders got CQ, so that was pretty nice.

Thanks to everyone for a nice day. I'm so proud of my girl (again), i think that we are doin' just fine. I have entried Nemi now only 3 shows at Finland, let's see if there's something more coming.
Luna is going to her first puppyshow 14.8.2011.
So very nice moments to waiting for...


We had a wonderful couple days at Hungary and we got a one special fluffy souvenir with us. So wish welcome our new upcoming star: As you wish from Taste of Ambrosia. We call this little princess "Luna".

Luna is very open and active little lady with an excellent mental. I'm so happy to have this adorable girl with us. I want to send thousand thanks and hugs to Luna's breeders Éva & Hanó for making this possible and for trusting this cute creature on my hands.

We have plans to start agility and obedience with Luna when she grows up a little bit. Let's see what we can make. And of course - you know me - you can meet me us the dogshows started on end of year.

Luna's both parents are PLL-tested results CLEAR, so Luna is free for a PLL too. This little young woman have so much to see in her life and you will hear about her.

You can follow Luna's way to stars on her own page.

Ps. Nemi started agility on a team. So now we have a good trainer with lots of practise. Also I hope that maybe we can start obedience-competitions on this year, to have the first title of working too. Not long way to there anymore.

16.4.2011 & 17.4.2011 - 2 shows, 2 countries, 2 BEST OF BREEDS!

Wow, what a trip. We started our trip on friday-morning and go to the Latvia, Riga, where meaned to be our first day's showplace. On saturday there was speciality for a group 3. So there was only terriers with us (Borderterrier Irade's Just-Toy and my own silkygirl Curiosity Sensation Indeed). They both went well and finalize their records to best of breeds with CAC's. Also borderterrier became a Latvian Champion. Great. Linda was on the junior handler with Nemi, and my girls did well again: JH2! (all ages was on the same group). Gratulations.

Then sunday - 6 dogs at the ring. That went also better than we can even imagine:
Australian silky terrier - open bitch - Curiosity Sensation Indeed (own. Kennel Pet Pursuit) cl.CAC, CAC, BOB
Borderterrier - open bitch - Irade's Just-Toy (own. Elisa Grahn) cl.CAC, CAC, BOB
Bullmastiff - junior bitch - Ethna Bullcastle's Wind Iz Mira Antallis (own. Rea Vaikkola) JBOB, JCAC, BOB
Deutsche Boxer - junior bitch - Wandoris Inspiration (own. Jenna Eriksson) JBOB, JCAC, BOB, BIG5th!
German Pinscher - open bitch - Sini-Minin Mocca (own. Kennel Ference) cl.CAC, CAC, BOS
Miniature Schnautser (b) - veteran male - VonHeimdal Supernova (own. Tarja Piirainen) VCAC, VBOB, BM3, BIS4-VET!

So this time trip was awesome. And there is not all: also "Cilla"-boxer finalized her Lithuanian and baltic junior champion titles!
...And again my favourite girl Linda @ older junior handler's (over 20 entries) with my loved silkyprincess Nemi. They went JH4! I'm so proud of you Linda, time after time :)

So... now we have a little pause for a travelling. Only a few planned trips before autumn. I may maybe have some new company on the summer...

9&10.4.2011 @ Rakvere, Estonia doubleNAT - 2 x BEST OF BREED!

Again long weekend, but it all worth it! On saturday Nemi was criticed under the judge Ligita Zake from Latvia. There was also another female in open class. Nemi did well again and went BEST OF BREED & CAC from intermediate class with very nice critic:

"Nice feminine bitch. Correct eyes. Very feminine head. Straight topline.
Well developed body. Correct coat. Excellent colour.
Excellent temperament. Moves well."

Also bullmastiff junior with me (Ethna Bullcastle's WindIzMiraAntallis) mangle her way to JBOB, JCAC & BOS! Gratulations to owner Rea Vaikkola!

Then on sunday Nemi still do not let me down: she went again BEST OF BREED under the polish judge Andrzej Kazmierski.

"Very feminine in expression & style. Small but not too small.
Moves truly. As beautiful coat colours"

I'm so proud of my girl, time after time! Also second day bullmastiff got JCAC, JBOB & BOB! Wow! I'm also glad that it was very second bullmastiff that i have shown and there was mention that "Very good presented" :)

After all: Junior - boxer Wandoris Inspiration "Cilla" make it and came to EST & LV JCH with EXC/2! Gratulations Jenna!

And hey, before i forget: also my loved little handler girl Linda was older JUNIOR HANDLER 3 with my silkyprincess Nemi. Gratulations honey, it is so pleasure to watch you two at the ring!

On next week calls Latvia & Lithuania. Then our this year's Baltic shows are having little pause and you can find us from Finland.

20.3 @ Latvia Riga speciality - BEST OF BREED!

We have a little extempore-trip to the Latvia, Riga. Nemi suprised me again, and went BOB under the knowing judge Mrs. Päivi Eerola from Finland. This was Nemi's second speciality show and second speciality winning! So way to go with these. Nemi got also LV CAC and club CAC.

Also Nemi's critic was excellent, i'm so pleased for that: "Excellent type. Correct propotions. Excellent topline. Very typical feminine head. Very well angulated. Correct tailset. Excellent coat quality & colours. Moves little close behind & wide in front, but very well from side. Lovely temperament. Beautifully presented."

We can be so proud of her!

Also Blondi-borderterrier Irade's Just-Toy with us (handled by me) BOB VET, BOB, VCAC and BIS1-veteran! Also she finalize her LV & LT & EST & RUS & BALT veteran champion - titles! Gratulations to owner Elisa!

So... a couple days at Finland and then we start our trip to Moscow, Russia.
Nice to have tornjak in the team again.

5 & 6.3 @ Estonia, Tallinn double all breed - 2 x CAC, BOS

We will continue! On saturday Nemi got EXC, CAC and BOS under the finnish judge Juha Palosaari.

Then Nemi was on the junior handler with our trusted handlergirl Linda Ojala. They done great on tight company and were RES. BEST older JUNIOR HANDLER! Way to go my girls, i'm so proud of you two!

Also another dogs with us done well: Boxer-junior Wandoris Inspiration "Cilla" was EXC/3, pinscher Sini-Minin Mocca "Dina" BOB, CAC, borderterrier Irade's Just-Toy "Blondi" BOB VET, BOS and cascogne basset "Tolkku" BOB JUN, JCAC, BOB. Big gratulations to owners!

On the second day Nemi got again EXC, CAC and BOS under the judge Rajic Branislav. Dina replied her results and got BOB, CAC. German boxer Cilla win her class (4 juniorbitches entried) b
ut with VG, so no JCC. Maybe next time ;) Cascogne basset de bleu "Tolkku" made excellent: JBOB, JCAC, BOB and GROUP 4th! And Blondi-borderterrier was our star: BOB VET, BOS and BEST IN SHOW 3-VETERAN! Gratulations Milla, Elisa, Linda and Jenna for great results! Way to go!

19 & 20.2 @ Latvia Valmiera & Lithuania Panevezys nationals - 2 x CAC!

Nemi have now 2 CAC's more from Latvia & Lithuania! Thanks to our tripcompany for making this possible and cheer up my time! Also junior boxer with us both days EXC3, and german pinscher and borderterrier done well too: both days CAC for both of them! Gratulations for owners! Only a couple weeks and next trip is on!

Agility-training is on!

We have started to train agility with our silkyprincess Nemi. Nemi loves it! I think that maybe we can competite that on this year too! It have been pleasure to learn more about silkies of agility. This breed seems very sure and confidence on this hobby too. Can't wait for our future with agility! There is where we keep fun!