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Here you can find our news and result. To look one dog's results, go to that dog's own page.

Year 2010 is finished.

We have had an awesome year. I may say that this was one of the bestest year of my life. I have travelled and experienced, and also learned a lot about everything. I have now more carriage than ever.

I want to thank everyone who has helped, listened and being with us on this year so i wanted to do a little videotape for our year. Thank you all, see you on next year! This year starts walking to the archive.


11.12 @ Helsinki, Finland INT - Helsinki Junior Winner 2010!

Here is where we end our showyear. Finland's last show, double int. 3 junior bitches entried on silkies. Nemi won the class under the judge Passiri Nisalak, Thailand and so got HEJW-10 - title with good critic!

"Very nice face. Excellent expression. Good front & rear angulation. Nice topline. Nice body. Good tailset. Moving well. But turning paws little bit inside."

Also Nemi got R.CAC (6 silkies competite for that), so that was amazing end of our year!

Now we can start our showpause (next time on the ring february). Also we have planned to start agility on january, you can read more about it when it is time for it :)

Thank you all for this year!

4 & 5.12 @ St. Petersbourgh , Russia double INT - 2 x BOB, CAC, CACIB

We start our vehicle and now destination was St. Petersbourgh double international show at Russia. Show was Nevsky Winner 2010. We have with us Linda with Dina (German Pinscher Sini-Minin Mocca) and borderterrier Irade's Just-Toy "Blondi". All dogs give their best on the weekend!

First day Dina was EXC2 with R.CAC and R.CACIB at intermediate class. Borderterrier Blondi was BOB VET and Nemi shines again: BOB, CAC, CACIB at intermediate class! Also new titles RKFW-10 and RKFW under the judge Elena Kruzenko, Russia.

Second day went even better: Linda's Pinscher Dina got EXC with BOB, CAC and her first CACIB! Gratulations Linda and Sanna for girl's results! I'm proud of you all! Blondi went VET BOB again and Nemi was criticed under the judge Lessi Terentyeva, Russia and was again BOB with CAC and CACIB. Now Nemi have 3 CACIB's. I'm proud of her.

This was our last show outside of Finland year 2010!

27.11 @ Lilleström, Norway - Nordic Junior Winner 2010!

We made long trip to the Norway with Terhi, Susanna and Nemi's breeder Tina. We have 4 dogs with us. Juniors rocks on this trip, and Curiosity-silkies had junior winner-titles. Nemi done 1st with PP and had Nordic Junior Winner-title! Also another silkypromise Curiosity Walking the Talk was 1st and got NordJW-title. Gratulations to owners!

It was pleasure to meet Inga and Marianne for our trip. Thank you so much for your hospitability and everything! Also thanks to our tripcompany.



20.11 @ Minsk, Belarus double INT - Nemi got her first CACIB!

And again we are on the road. I had two dogs with us: our little silkyprincess Nemi and tornyak-bitch "Teri" (Tery Cro U Can). We done bustrip again, with room- and tripcompany i have Rea Vaikkola. Thank you Rea for fantastic trip (btw. her bullmastiff-junior Ethnua BullcastesWindIzMiraAntallis have first JCH on this trip!)

First day Nemi was criticed under the judge Valentina Ivanischeva, Russia. Nemi got EXC with BOB, CAC and CACIB! Now Nemi have her first CACIB. Also another dog with me, Teri got EXC, BOB JUN, BOB, JCAC. So everything has had!

On second day Nemi went under to Irina Poletaeva, Finland. Nemi got EXC with good critic. Judge said that Nemi was not ready yet, so that's why she can't give her BOB. It was OK to us, i was so happy that she like my girl anyway! Teri went again BOB and finalize her Belarus Junior Champion - title. Not bad! Thank you Sari for trusting Teri on my hands. Girl was adorable!

31.10 @ Riga, Latvia (Baltic Winner-10) - BOB JUN, BALTIC JW-10

Nemi was on the Baltic Winner - show which was at the Riga on this year. Judge was Grethe Bergendahl, Norway. Nemi got EXC and BOB JUN so she have now Baltic Junior Winner 2010 - title with excellent critic (below). Thank you Susanna for taking Nemi with you and showing her best!

Very good type & size. Nice head & expression. G.neck and shoulder. G. body for age. Nice set on. Moves OK. Good coat for age.

16 & 17.10 @ Dortmund, Germany (BDSG-10) - BDJSG-10, BOB & DE JCH

I maded a trip to Germany, Bundessieger 2010 - show. My girl was first time on the plane, but she was so soldier that she made all trip so well! I'm so proud of we two. We are heroes!!!

Nemi was entried to the junior class, which was biggest class in breed. Nemi done excellent again - First day at Bundessieger she won the junior bitches and got Bundesjugendsieger-title under the judge Hans V.D. Berg, Netherlands. Thank you!

Second day on the national show under the judge Csaba Zolt Lokodi. 5 silkies entried. Nemi put her best and had EXC, JUN BOB and BEST OF BREED! Girl also finalize new (and last) junior champion title again: DE Junior Champion with this kind of critic:
Exc. size. Little bit convex back. Good muzzle and scull. Little bit big eyes. Correct bite. Good hairquality. Good paraller ???, Little bit open elbows.

I should have to be proud of my girl, she has done fantastic work on the junior classes. Now her last junior champion has finalized. Snif.

9 & 10.10 @ Latvia & Lithuania nat's - 2 X EXC, BOB and new title LV & BALT JCH!

What a weekend. We were at Latvia, Limbazi on Saturday and Lithuania, Siauliai on Sunday. We have 5 dogs with us. Trip was amazing!First day junior boxer Cilla (Wandoris Inspiration) with us made excellent work: EXC1, JUN BOB, JCAC, BOS! Over the championbitches. Wow! Gratulations for owner Jenna! Good work!

Also we have miniature schnautzer (VET BOB, BOS), border terrier (VET BOB, BOB) and german pinscher (VG) with us.

Nemi was criticed at Latvia under the judge Susan Kealy, Ireland. There was 2 silkies entried, both were females. Nemi was BOB JUN, BOB and JCAC and finalize her LV & Baltic Junior Champion - titles. Critic below:
Lovely shiny coat. Nice head & expression. Good bite. moved very smartly. Nice bone.

At the Lithuania Nemi was first time at open class under the judge Brigita Vitolina, Lithuania. There was 2 silkies entried. Another silkymale got G. Nemi was so EXC, BOB, CAC. Good work!

Other dogs made well too: German Pinscher VG (again... she had a spot on her coat so that's why VG both days), boxer got EXC3 and schnautzer EXC. Borderterrier "Blondi" Got BOB VET & BOB and BIS4-VET! Gratulations for owner Elisa Grahn!

Thanks to our tripcompany Jenna & Linda, and thanks to Mimmi for taking Blackie to the BIS-vetring! Love you all!

11.9 @ Vantaa, Finland groupshow - EXC, BF2, R.CAC

We had a long day at Vantaa but it all worth it. Only Nemi's older sister beated her. Gratulations Laura & Matilda!

Critic under the judge Pirjo Hjelm, Finland (free translate):
Well balanced promising junior. Good head, correct bite. A bit large eyes. Well setted ears. Good neck & topline. Very well developed body for her age. Good rear. Moves OK. She will have a beautiful coat.

5.9 @ Helsinki, Finland all breed - EXC, BOS, CAC

Nemi was criticed under the judge Johan Juslin, who was just came from the breed's homeland Australia, so he was very tight mood. There was 6 silkies, 3 bitches and 3 males and only 2 EXC has gived.

Nemi was BOS and got her second CAC at Finland.

Critic (free translate):
Bit smaller than medium size. Correct headproportions from all sides. I prefer smaller ears. Excellent body & bones. Balanced mover but still rather puppy-like. Correct coat.

28.8 & 29.8 @ Minsk, Belarus double Int - 2 x BOB JUN, BOS, JCAC

We have maded a bustrip to the Belarus double Int. Show was Belarus Winner & August 2010.

4 silkies entried, 2 juniorbitches and 2 open males. Nemi was criticed under the judges Joanna Szepanska-Korpetta & Zhanna Bondar, Belarus. Nemi was BOS on both days and have now 3 new titles on her own (Belarus junior champion, Belarus Junior Winner, Belarus Winner).

I have also another silky with me (Velvet Kiss's Backsteer Boy, called "Väinö"). Väinö was first day BM2 with R.CAC and R.CACIB and second day he went BOB with CAC and CACIB and have now Belarus Champion - title. Gratulations to owners Paula & Tina!

Tina's (Kennel Curiosity) bearded collie was also with our trip. Milou (Necessity Angel's) was BOB on both days (3 entries), also finalize her C.I.B (International Champion) & Belarus Winner- & Champion - titles and second day she went group 4! I'm so proud of this little girl. Thank you Tina for trusting Milou on my hands, and gratulations for new champion!

Also we have bullmastiff Bullcastle's GoldenuelsIbora with us. "Tara" had Excellent and champion class second. Tara done good job, she is so lovely girl!

Trip was long but rought! I'm proud of our results, i may go there again sometime, i love Belarus. Trip was so big experience!

6 & 7.8 - Druskininkai, Lithuania - BF3 & BOB! Also new LT JCH!

Nemi was at the Lithuania Int & speciality shows under the judges Marija Kavcic, Slovenia & Shamil Abrakimov, Russia. Nemi is now also new Lithuanian junior champion! Thousands thanks for Mimmi and Jaana (Kennel Fly Fly) for taking my princess with you! I'm so glad!
One of the critics:
Nice type, has correct propotions, good bite. Dark eyes. Excellent ears. Long well set neck. Correct body with straight topline. Good movement. Well carried tail. Excellent coat quality.

31.07 @ Viimsi, Estonia double: 2x BF, BOB JUN, JCAC, BOB

Nemi finalize her EST & RUS junior champion titles at the Estonia, Viimsi doubleshows. Nemi was BOB for both days and second day she was also Group 5 under the judge Lars Adehaimer.

Critic first day under the judge Dusan Paunovic, Serbia:
1 year old good size and prop. Normal head, good chest. Bit loose in elbows, correct hind and angulations, correct temperament.

Critic second day under the judge Ingrid Borchorst, Denmark:
Femin. bitch of good size & substance. Excellent head & expression. Correct mouth. Good neck & shoulder & topline. Strong body of correct lenght. Good hindquarters. Correct coat. Moves well. Steady lovely temperament.

05.06 @ Tallinn, Estonia (Winner 2010) - EXC, JUN BOS, JCAC, EST JW-10

Nemi got her second JCAC from Estonia winner. Now we have our first junior winner-title also. Way to go girl. Silky terriers was under the judge Luis Pinto Teixeira, Portugal.

Good light of body, well shaped eyes. Good set of ears. Beautiful front, quite good topline, good color of coat. Moves well.

15.05 @ Rauma, Finland all breed - EXC, JUN BOB, BOB, CAC!

There was shiny weekend at Rauma. Nemi shines also and walks her way to BOB under the judge Päivi Eerola, Finland. Thank you so much Päivi, i appreciate your words from my girl!

Critic (free translate):
Very promising junior bitch who presentation herself very beautifully way. Beautiful head and good carriage. Good substance and balanced angulations. Topline little bit humped in movements. Could be firmer in front and wider behind. Lovely behaviour. Shows her best.

13.05 - Nemi successed Nice dogcitizen-test

I'm proud of under 11 months old silky who have now a diploma about her behaviour. Nice dogcitizen is maded by KivaTeam, and it is quarantee that dog is normal behaviour and easy dog with live. I think this test is good for growing puppies.

To success test dogs need:
1. Accepts unknown persons.
2. Dog sits nicely when other peoples touch her.
3. Dog gives strange people brush her.
4. Walks kindly on the leash.
5. Dog walk throught the people without no confusion, fear etc.
6. Dog comes to call.
7. Dog meets other dogs with no react.
8. There made a noice etc. and dog's must be insure.
9. Dogs must to wait her owner nicely and silently with no barking or anything.


09.05 @ Kristiansand, Norway INT - EXC, BOS, CAC

Nemi's worldconquer continues. Nemi was BOS and got CAC with excellent critic under the judge Sinko, Olga Kupriyanova from SLO. Thank you Oona for helping Nemi's way to stars! I think that topline can be fixed with time.

Critic: "Small + elegant. Very beautiful head + expression + eyes. Very nice set ears, nice body, move -> topline little bit humped, very correct move. Nice temperament."

10.04 @ Rakvere, Estonia - JUN BOB, BOB, JCAC!

Nemi was Best of Breed for her first official show at Estonia under the judge Hans v.d. Berg, Netherlands. We are prouf of our little silkyprincess!

31.03 - Nemi has taken touch to generesearch

06.03 - Tallinn all breed - PP, BOB-puppy!

Show was at the Saku Suurhall. This was Nemi's first show outside of Finland. Thanks to Oona and Kirsi for company!

15.03 - Breederscourse successed

Now i'm ready to have a kennelname. Kennelname will be Pet Pursuit. I'm sure you hear us on future.

06.03 @ Tallinn, Estonia all breed - PP, BOB-puppy!

Show was at the Saku Suurhall. Nemi was BOB-puppy with excellent critic under the judge Lessi Tshistjakova, Russia. This was Nemi's first show outside of Finland. Thanks to Oona and Kirsi for company!