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My winning is getting to perform. That's my victory.

All my dogs (living with us and co-owned) are familymembers and live at home with the family.
All our puppies have been bred from passion for the breed, with love. My goal is try my best to breed as balanced dogs as possible. First and foremost comes mental & physical health. Showresults etc. only next to them.

"Know what kind of dog you have at the end of your leash, and don't expect more if it's not genetically designed to be that way."
~Karmen Byrd 

What comes to health - i only use stud-dogs who have clear health results. Examination types depends on the usual problems of the breed. I try to move forward with my breeding, I keep my own targets and priorities in my way.

 One of my most important missions in breeding is to always keep searching for new blood for the genepool. I do a lot of work and research to have new or less-used lines for my own breeding, as I feel it's the best way to avoid the hereditary issues which are not genetically known yet.
Still the most important value i keep- is to always be honest. Honest to myself so i can see my dog's weaknesses and flaws, and be open about my findings as it is the only way to help the breed.

To make this all possible, I must know my own breeding work. That's why I am very particular about where i sell my puppies. I want to hear from their owners and keep in touch with them thru their lives. I want to know their mental health, physical health and other features on top of their daily news. I need it to know where I am headed, and how successful my breeding has been. This is the only way to ensure I try my personal best for the breed.

You can see the expression of passion from my dogs.